Networking with researchers

water field course discussion2

Our partnership of 25 local and international academic institutions, researchers, government agencies and civil society groups forms a regional hub of expertise and excellence in Ecological Economics and related fields working on issues at local and global scales.

Each year E4A accepts a new cohort of students that applies a problem-based research approach to a particular theme (water, energy or climate justice).

  • The water cohort investigated new ecological foundations of law and public discourse in addressing trans-boundary water pollution and watershed management.
  • The energy cohort considered current and future energy supply, accounting for ecological, social and equity implications of meeting energy needs.
  • The climate justice cohort addressed the reality that those least responsible for global climate change bear the brunt of its impacts.
  • The food justice cohort focused on agroecology as a transdisciplinary, participatory, and action-oriented process.

In addition, students are invited to participate in research teams of academic scholars aiming to apply Ecological Economics to the disciplines of Economics and Finance, Law and Governance and Ethics. Throughout their studies, students have access to a wide range of scholars and experts within the research network.

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