E4A Steering Committee wins USSEE’s Bernardo Aguilar award!

USSEEE4A has great news to share! The E4A Steering Committee was awarded the U.S. Society of Ecological EconomicsBernardo Aguilar award at the joint CANSEE/USSEE conference in Vancouver, October 1-4, 2015. USSEE students give this award to recognize the recipient’s role in inspiring students through teaching, research, ideas, and mentoring in ecological economics. E4A Steering Committee members for 2014-15, Peter Brown (McGill University), Nicolas Kosoy (McGill University), Ellie Perkins (York University), Peter Victor (York University), Jon Erickson (University of Vermont), Taylor Ricketts (University of Vermont) and Geoffrey Garver (McGill University), received the award for their efforts in developing E4A’s innovative transdisciplinary graduate research program and, more broadly, promoting a deeper shift in research and graduate training and in the way normative disciplines are defined.

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