E4A seeks PhD students for cohort 4!

The Economics for the Anthropocene project currently seeks PhD students for a fourth cohort to begin Fall 2017!


The Offer:

  • Up to 3 PhD students at each university will take E4A courses and have access to a wide network of experts. One area of focus for this cohort will be the application of ecological economics to regional and global issues concerning food systems and inter/intraspecies food justice.


  • Students take a total of 5 E4A-specific courses: 1) 3 courses connect all three campuses through web-enabled classrooms, 2) 1 joint field course engages non-academic partners in providing hands-on experience in transdisciplinary problems, 3) 1 course is a student-led seminar.

Additional Opportunities:  

  • E4A partners and collaborators help guide research questions, act as mentors, and provide internship opportunities; students may also participate in three ongoing Research Working Groups focused on Law & Governance, Ethics, and Economics & Finance.


  • Students must gain admission to one of the three PhD programs as outlined below, subject to the criteria and funding policies of each university. E4A is not able to supplement PhD students’ individual funding packages.


McGill University

Applicants must apply to the Department of Natural Resource Sciences by February 15, 2017 and meet all admissions requirements.

Applicants are encouraged to consider jointly applying to McGill’s BESS (Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability) program.

E4A Faculty Contact: Peter Brown peter.g.brown@mcgill.ca


University of Vermont

Applicants must apply to the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources PhD program at UVM by February 15, 2017, and meet all admissions requirements.

E4A Faculty Contacts: Jon Erickson Jon.Erickson@uvm.edu ; Joshua Farley Joshua.Farley@uvm.edu


York University

Applicants must apply to the Faculty of Environmental Studies PhD program by January 11, 2017 and meet all admissions requirements.

Click here for link to application procedures. Email the Recruitment and Admissions Team for questions.

E4A Faculty Contacts: Ellie Perkins esperk@yorku.ca ; Peter Victor pvictor@yorku.ca



Applications from women and people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are encouraged.

Activities of the Economics for the Anthropocene project are funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant Program, along with generous contributions from additional grant partners and private contributors.


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