Boulding’s Vision Gives Us Hope for the Future !

Because it is a New Year and we are wanting for a little hope and inspiration in an atmosphere of uncertainty and conflict, we post a poem written by Peter A. Victor that was originally published when this eminent Ecological Economist was presented the Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award in 2014.


Boulding’s Vision

When Boulding saw the Earth from Space, it gave him cause to question

The economics he’d been taught, so he made his own suggestion.

He said the day of cowboy thought, had had its time and more.

We need a spaceship economics, for the future that he saw.

We’d take a systems view of things, with science as our guide,

Make planet Earth our reference frame, the economy inside.

Use concepts, data, ethics, and thinking that is logical,

And build an economics that is truly ecological.



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