Toxic Tour and Environmental Racism (E4A students)

Last month (June), graduate students participated in E4A’s Climate Justice Field Course (click here for syllabus). Topics were many, discussions were rich, engagement was high!  Some students led the discussion during The Green Majority show at University of Toronto’s community radio station (CIUT89.5 FM).  


Click here to listen to the podcast


The first part is an interview by Molly Fremes (E4A York) with one of E4A’s community scholars, Beze Gray, an Anishinaabe-kwe from Aamjiwnaang First Nation, about the extensive environmental and health effects of the numerous refineries situated right next to their community (click here to LEARN WHAT YOU CAN DO!).

The second part of the broadcast is a discussion between Beze and several students who attended the Climate Justice Field Course, including Sam Bliss (E4A UVM), Caitlin Morgan (E4A UVM), Kelly Hamshaw (E4A UVM), Barb Sniderman (a York student–not part of E4A), Molly Fremes (E4A York), Alice Damiano (E4A McGill), Karan Kumar (E4A McGill), and Alison Adams (E4A UVM).


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