E4A-ELGA Workshop – From environmental to ecological law WORKSHOP OVERVIEW (Geoff Garver and Laura Gilbert)

This workshop is a milestone event for the Economics for the Anthropocene (E4A) Law and Governance Research Initiative and the Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA)
The workshop highlights leading research in the emerging field of ecological law, with a view to 1) publication of workshop papers in a special issue of an appropriate journal or a monograph, and 2) invigoration of follow-up research, outreach and mobilization of knowledge. The workshop follows ELGA’s launch event in Siena, Italy, October 11-14, 2017, which will highlight how ELGA complements the work of many other institutions, jurists and initiatives. The Montreal workshop builds on the Siena event by highlighting ELGA’s research agenda and other anticipated ELGA programmatic activities.
The E4A L&G initiative and ELGA are natural partners for this workshop. The thesis of the E4A L&G cluster is that the Anthropocene imposes a pressing need to reframe law and governance toward a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship, with rigorous reliance on contemporary science and traditional knowledge systems. ELGA emerged out of the 2016 Oslo Manifesto for Ecological Law and Governance. Per the Manifesto, “the ecological approach to law is based on ecocentrism, holism, and intra-/intergenerational and interspecies justice. From this perspective, or worldview, the law will recognize ecological interdependencies and no longer favour humans over nature and individual rights over collective responsibilities. Essentially, ecological law internalizes the natural living conditions of human existence and makes them the basis of all law, including constitutions, human rights, property rights, corporate rights and state sovereignty.”
The workshop was organized around 3 themes:
1)    The Problem: The need to move from environmental to ecological law
2)    The Solution: A deep dive into the meaning of ecological law
3)    Getting There: The challenge of the transition from environmental to ecological law

Click here to consult a list of videos taken during the E4A-ELGA Workshop.

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