Over 1000 Professors and Scholars from across Canada and around the world sign “Statement of Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people of British Columbia”

Solidarity Statement from Professors and Scholars in Support of the Wet’suwet’en people

WE ARE WRITING TO EXPRESS DEEP GRATITUDE TO THE WET’SUWET’EN PEOPLE who have been acting with formidable vision and strength to defend their people and territories from pipeline development, and have been facing violent incursions from RCMP and industry for doing so. They have been holding this line for years and caring for the lands and waters for countless generations. For us and for many others, the Unist´ot´en camp represents resurgence, reconnection, creativity, and relationship to the land. The long-term struggle of the Wet´suwet´en is a legitimate, legally sanctioned struggle for rights, autonomy and sovereignty on their unceded territories. These efforts benefit all Canadians. We send our deepest thanks.

WE ARE ALSO WRITING TO DENOUNCE THE ACTIONS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, THE BC GOVERNMENT AND THE RCMP.  We ask that the illegal work on Unist’ot’en territory by Coastal Gas Link be immediately stopped. We request that the federal and provincial governments respect Indigenous rights as outlined in our constitution, in countless court rulings, as well as the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous people (UNDRIP) and ‘Anuc niwh’it’en (Wet’suwet’en law). We ask that Canadian leaders and politicians stop militarization, stop communicating false or biased information, and stop dividing communities. We reject the current campaign of disinformation, particularly statements that claim that all communities have signed on to the pipeline, which disregard the very important question of disputes over jurisdiction of territories between band councils and hereditary governance. In the Delgamuukw trial, the hereditary chiefs of the Wet´suwet´en were recognized as the rightful title holders, and their underlying sovereignty over the territory was established by Canada´s highest court. We urge both federal and provincial governments to understand the crucial distinction between consultation and consent, and to act accordingly.

We firmly oppose the Trans-Canada pipeline project and other extreme energy projects being developed that are threatening Indigenous lands. According to the latest scientific evidence there is still some possibility that catastrophic climate change can be slowed or arrested, but this goal requires an immediate phase-out of fossil fuel infrastructure (Millar et al., 2017, Smith et al., 2019). And we request the Governments heed the call of scientists who have made it clear that new fossil fuel infrastructure present the source of the world’s most threatening emissions, and would carry us toward dramatic increases in global temperature (Davis et al., 2010).

This applies to natural gas production and transport, because it also locks in fossil fuel use. The world needs to move straight to renewable energy sources, and as quickly as possible. Natural gas must not be seen as a transition fuel that will “bridge the gap” between high and low-carbon energy systems (Stephenson et al. 2012). Shale gas development and its related infrastructure will have very serious impacts not only on the territories of the Indigenous peoples that inhabit the province of British Columbia, but on areas of extraction in the northeast, along the territories and watersheds the pipeline will cross, and particularly on coastal communities, salmon habitat in rivers, and the remaining marine life in the Salish Sea and K̲andaliig̲wii (the Hecate Straight), that all will be impacted by increased tanker traffic.

Current governance processes have failed to adequately protect environment and treaty rights (Garvie & Shaw, 2016). To meet Canada’s climate targets and Canada’s commitments to reconciliation, the Canadian government needs to stop forcing gas pipelines violently through Indigenous lands.

WE ARE ALSO WRITING TO ENCOURAGE ALL CANADIANS TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE WET’SUWET’EN PEOPLE  as they continue to demonstrate their commitment to protect their lands and waters. The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report has warned that we have only 12 years to meet the challenge of limiting increasing temperatures to 1.5 degrees (IPCC, 2018). Even at this historic juncture, we see no sign that our existing governments are capable of dealing with the current challenges all Canadians face. The twin crises of climate chaos and rising inequality are getting worse, not better. Research shows that substantial and swift transformation of our societies will be necessary in order to meet our climate and reconciliation goals (Scoones et al., 2015); however, our current economic and political systems are failing to heed these calls and move us towards a sustainable and just future. This is because these very economic and political systems facilitate the accumulation of wealth through the continued seizure of Indigenous land and the pillaging of the natural world. We cannot leave it to these failing systems to guide us.

What is needed is inspired visions and new systems that are able to guide us towards a much more just and sustainable future. The Wet’suwet’en people, and other communities defending their lands and waters across the world, are showing  us better systems of decision making, along with better ways of living together and with the land. Our best hope for justice and sustainability in Canada lies with communities like the Wet’suwet’en nation, who take their relationship and responsibilities to their lands and waters so seriously that they will risk all they have to defend it. Our hope also lies with the many Canadians respecting and actively supporting the rights of these Indigenous communities to take care of their territories.

The Unist’ot’en camp houses a healing center, envisioned as a space to heal from the trauma suffered by so many First Nations in Canada due to colonial and extractivist violence. Projects such as the Trans-Canada pipeline perpetuate this violence. To invade this camp, to disrupt this space of healing, is particularly unconscionable. Canadians have pledged to work towards reconciliation to try to heal the injustices borne by Indigenous peoples; and this healing must also include the lands which we all inhabit. To begin to heal these relationships, the kind of violence seen recently in BC must end.


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IPCC (2018 )

List of current signatories (Name & Title, Affiliation and Country):

Total number of signatories as of February 21st: 1422

Lee MaracleUniversity of TorontoCanada
Marie Battiste, ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Taiaiake Alfred, Professor of Indigenous GovernanceUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Margaret Kovach, ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Jeff Corntassel, Associate ProfessorIndigenous Studies, University of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Sheelah McLeanUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Annie Ross, Professor, First Nations StudiesSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
William G. Lindsay (Cree), Senior Director, Indigenous DirectionsConcordia University, MontrealCanada
Elizabeth Fast (Métis, Red River), Assistant ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Treena DeLormier, Associate ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Laura Maracle, Indigenous Cultural Safety CoordinatorQueen’s UniversityTurtle Island
Dr. Robyn Bourgeois (Cree), Assistant Professor, Centre for Women’s & Gender StudiesBrock UniversityCanada
Tiffany Ashoona- Project Coordinator of Indigenous DirectionsConcordiaCanada
Silvia Federici, Professor Emerita Hofstra UniversityUnited States
David Suzuki, Emeritus Professor, Genetics and Companion of the Order of CanadaUBCCanada
Donna HarawayProfessor Emerita University of California Santa CruzUSA
julie sze, professor of american studiesuc davisUnited States
Michael Asch, Professor EmeritusUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Harvey Feit, Professor Emeritus of AnthropologyMcMaster UniversityCanada
Ashley Dawson, ProfessorCity University of New YorkUnited States
Professor Raymond BryantKing’s College LondonUnited Kingdom
Joshua Farley, Professor of Ecological EconomicsUniversity of VermontUnited States
Susan Harding, Professor Emerita University of California, Santa CruzUnited States
Anna Zalik, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Louise Forsyth, professor emeritaUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Shauna Butterwick, UBC Professor EmeritusUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Ashish KothariKalpavrikshIndia
Dr. Peter KulchyskiUniversity of ManitobaCanada
David N. Pellow, Professor of Environmental StudiesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
Mario Blaser, Associate ProfessorMemorial UniversityCanada
Sheena Wilson, Associate ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Catriona Sandilands, ProfessorFaculty of Environmental Studies, York UniversityCanada
Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins, ProfessorFaculty of Environmental Studies, York UniversityCanada
Professor Michel PIMBERTCentre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry UniversityUK
Tim K. Takaro, Professor and Associate Dean ResearchFaculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Alex Khasnabish, Associate ProfessorMount Saint Vincent UniversityCanada
Iokine Rodriguez, PhDSchool of International Development, University of East AngliaEngland
Dr. Leah TemperMcGill UniversityCanada
Dr. Julia FreemanMcGill UniversityCanada
Christopher Barrington-Leigh, ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Holly Dressel, retired Adjunct Professor, School of the EnvironmentMcGill UniversityCanada
Jen Gobby, PhD CandidateMcGill UniversityCanada
Emille Boulot, PhD StudentMcGill UniversityCanada
Iyko Day, Associate ProfessorMount Holyoke CollegeUnited States
Megan Egler, PhD studentUniversity of VermontUnited States
Bengi Akbulut, Assistant ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Ted Rutland, Associate ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Norma Rantisi, ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Matthew Burke, PhD studentMcGill UniversityCanada
Joe Ament, PhD CandidateUniversity of VermonyUnited States
Professor J. Fall (MSc.)Capilano UniversityCanada
Dr. Jaime Paneque-GálvezCIGA, National Autonomous University of MexicoMexico
John Foran, Professor of SociologyUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUnited States
Katherine G Sammler, Assistant ProfessorCalifornia State University Academy MaritimeUnited States
Dr. Leah Stokes, Assistant ProfessorUCSBCanada
Alejo Kraus-Polk, Graduate StudentUniversity of California, DavisUnited States
Dr Daniela Soleri, Research ScientistGeography and Env Studies, UC Santa BarbaraUSA
Dr. Julie MaldonadoLivelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network; University of California-Santa BarbaraUnited States
Silvia Bermúdez, ProfessorUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraUnited States
Theo LeQuesne, PhD StudentUC Santa BarbaraUnited States
Prof. Claudio FoguUCSBUnited States
Philip Gasper, Professor EmeritusNotre Dame de Namur UniversityUSA
Howard Winant, Distinguished Professor of SociologyUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUnited States
Joseph Klein, PhD CandidateAnthropology, University of California Santa CruzUnited States
Dr. Geoffrey Garver, Adjunct ProfessorMcGill University and Concordia UniversityCanada
Nicolas Kosoy Associate ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
David Klein, Professor of MathematicsCalifornia State University NorthridgeUSA
Dr. Erin Despard, Professeure associéeDépartement d’histoire, Université de SherbrookeCanada
Ryan Alaniz, PhD, Associate Professor of SociologyCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoUSA
Raven Waldron – Graduate StudentOregon State UniversityUnited States
Micha Rahder, Assistant Professor of AnthropologyLouisiana State UniversityUnited States (& Canada)
Dr. Mark Stemen, ProfessorCSU, ChicoUSA
Joe Alizzi Phd CandidateUniversity of New South WalesAustralia
Lesley Wood, Associate Professor and ChairYork UniversityCanada
Nicolás von Ellenrieder, Research AssociateMcGill UniversityCanada
Tim Crownshaw, PhD CandidateDepartment of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill UniversityCanada
Brad Hornick, PhD CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
ann-elise lewallen, Associate ProfessorUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
Emily Williams, PhD Student GeographyUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
Sam Bliss, PhD CandidateUniversity of VermontUnited States
Sébastien Caquard, ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Sara Cannon, PhD StudentUniversity of British Columbia
Ivan Vargas, PhD StudentMcGill UniversityCanadá
Dr. Stefania BarcaCenter for Social Studies, University of CoimbraPortugal
Prof. Dr. Fikret AdamanUMASS-AmherstUSA
Dianne Rocheleau, Professor Emerita and Senior Research ScientistClark University Worcester MAUSA
Nicole Seymour, Associate Professor of EnglishCalifornia State University, FullertonUnited States
Dr. Brittany Y. Davis, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Black StudiesAllegheny CollegeUnited States
Dimitris Stevis, ProfessorColorado State UniversityUSA
Ekin Kurtic, PhD CandidateHarvard UniversityUSA
Emily Nicolosi, PhD CandidateDepartment of Geography, University of UtahUnited States
Sean Carleton, Assistant ProfessorMount Royal UniversityCanada
Karla Hackstaff, Professor EmeritusNorthern Arizona UniversityUnited States
Dr. Larry GreenAdler University, Vancouver CampusCanada
James Rowe, Associate ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Sara Alema, Retired Professor,Northern Arizona UniversityUnited States
JP Sapinski, assistant professorUniversité de MonctonCanada
James Lawson, PhDUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Laurie Adkin, Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Mariah Brennan Clegg, PhD StudentDepartment of Sociology, UCSBUnited States
Jason MacLean, assistant professorCollege of Law, University of SaskatchewanCanada
Jessica Pratt, PhDUC IRVINEUSA
Meenal Shrivastava, ProfessorAthabasca UniversityCanada
Carolyn Sale, Associate ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Ian Angus, Professor EmeritusSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Rob Budde, Professor UNBCCanada
Rita Wong, Associate ProfessorEmily Carr University of Art + DesignCanada
Dr. Ethemcan TurhanKTH Environmental Humanities LaboratorySweden
Lena Weber, PhD studentAutonomous University of Barcelona- Institute of Environmental Science and TechnologySpain
Dr. Nick BernardsUniversity of WarwickUK
Naava Smolash, PhDDouglas CollegeCanada
Prof. Marc HuftyGraduate Institute of International Relations and DevelopmentSwitzerland
Antonio Gustavo Gomez, Fiscal GeneralMinisterio Publico Fiscal de la NaciónArgentina
Shaun Sellers, PhD Student in Renewable Resources, MSc Ecological EconomicsMcGill UniversityCanada
Professor Duskin DrumUniversity of TyumenRussia
Sophie BeierCICADA, McGillCanada
Angela Carter, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Political Science, University of WaterlooCanada
Dr. Katherine DunsterKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Diane Suter, Associate Professor EmeritaLoyola University ChicagoUSA (current resident and citizen of Canada)
Professor Peter JohansenMcGill UniversityCanada
Adrian Martin, Professor of Environment and DevelopmentUniversity of East AngliaUnited Kingdom
Norman Farb, Assistant Professor of PsychologyUniversity of TorontoCanada
Louigi Addario-Berry, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and StatisticsMcGill UniversityCanada
Jordan B. Kinder, PhD CandidateUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Linsey Ernst , ASWLangley School DistrictCanada
Michael Keefer, Professor EmeritusSchool of English and Theatre Studies, University of GuelphCanada
Kathryn Silverstein, PhD CandidateCultural Studies, Stony Brook UniversityUnited States
Dr. Peter H. StephensonProfessor emeritus, the University of VictoriaCanada
Reg Johanson, InstructorCapilano UniversityCanada
Aaron Vansintjan, MPhilBirkbeck, University of LondonUnited Kingdom
Riley HarrisBowdoin CollegeUnited States
Adam Perry, Assistant Professor of Adult EducationSt. Francis Xavier UniversityCanada
Mary Jean Hande, Postdoctoral FellowMount Saint Vincent UniversityCanada
Rebecca Hall, Assistant ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Craig Janes, Professor and DirectorSchool of Public Health and Health Systems, University of WaterlooCanada
Carole Roy, Associate Professor and Chair St. Francis Xavier UniversityNova Scotia
Lesley Johnston Ph.D. CandidateUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Emily Eaton, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Eleanor Stephenson, PhD CandidateMcGill UniversityCanada
Liza Zawadzka, InstructorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Jody Berland, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Jesse Arseneault, Assistant ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Dr. Nathan KowalskySt. Joseph’s College, University of AlbertaCanada
Alexandre Da Costa, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Dr. Jocelyn ParrHistory Faculty, Dawson CollegeCanada
Professor Makere Stewart-HarawiraUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Holly Pickering, MA/MLIS CandidateUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Irene Friesen WolfstoneUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Katherine W. Ordonez, M.A.University of South AfricaUnited States
A. Marissa Matsler, PhDCary Institute of Ecosystem StudiesUSA
Budd Hall, Professor EmeritusUniversity of VictoriaCanada
James Arruda, Masters in Environmental StudiesYork UniversityCanada
Anna Kruzynski, Associate ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Kristina Shull, Post-doctoral Fellow in Global American StudiesHarvard UniversityUnited States
Danielle Lorenz, PhD CandidateDepartment of Educational Policy Studies, University of AlbertaCanada
Marguerite Mendell, Professor EmeritaConcordia UniversityCanada
Colton John Brandau, Graduate StudentUniversity of California DavisPatwin, Miwok and Wintu lands in USA
Dr. Madeline Knickerbocker, Sessional InstructorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Glenna H. GravesLindsey Wilson CollegeUnited States
Dr. Joshua J. SmithThe University of Western OntarioCanada
Tvrtko Vrdoljak, PhD CandidateJohns Hopkins UniversityUSA
Brian C. Lovato, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political ScienceAugustana CollegeUnited States
Stephanie Erev, PhD candidateJohns Hopkins UniversityUSA
Dr. Yogi Hendlin, Assistant Professor, Erasmus School of Philosophy; Core Faculty Member, Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity InitiativeErasmus University RotterdamNetherlands
Dr Karena ShawUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Kellan Anfinson, postdoctoral scholarUniversity of South FloridaUnited States
Jonathan Maskit, Assoc. Professor of PhilosophyDenison UniversityUnited States
Ross Mittiga (Assistant Professor)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileChile
Dr. Darcy MathewsUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr Jake P GreearWestern Carolina UniversityUSA
Ana Maria Peredo, ProfessorUniversity of Victoria.Canada
Dr. Kelly BlackVancouver Island UniversityCanada
Whitney Mannies, Adjunct Faculty
California Polytechnic University, PomonaUnited States
Jessie Beier, PhD StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Dr Fiachra O’BrolcháinDublin City UniversityIreland
Dr. Michael BeckerCalifornia State University, FresnoUSA
Ashley Caranto Morford, PhD candidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
Rochelle Starr, PhDc; director of Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of LeadershipUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Bill Winder, Assistant Professor FHIS, UBCCanada
Anatoli Ignatov, Assistant Professor of Sustainable DevelopmentAppalachian State UniversityUnited States
Celina Parker, CHSCUniversity of New BrunswickCanada
Carrie Karsgaard, Doctoral Student
University of AlbertaCanada
Janine MacLeod, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Judy Davidson, Associate ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
cheyanne turions, Independent ScholarUniversity of British Columbia [BFA] and University of Toronto [MVS] alumniCanada
Jacqueline Ristola, Phd StudentConcordia UniversityCanada
Dr. Heather GreenMcMaster UniversityCanada
Betty Wolder Levin, PhD, ProfessorCity University of New YorkUSA
Mike Simpson, PhDUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen, PhD assistant professorRoskilde UniversityDanmark
Casey Burkholder, Assistant ProfessorUNBCanada
Dr. Kevin A. Gould, Dept of Geography, Planning and EnvironmentConcordia UniversityQuebec, Canada
Breena Holland, Associate ProfessorLehigh UniversityUSA
Emily Reid-Musson, Postdoctoral FellowPublic Health, University of WaterlooCanada
Bruce Martin, Retired ProfessorNew Mexico State UniversityUSA
Kelly Fritsch, Assistant ProfessorCarleton UniversityCanada
Mark Cladis, the Brooke Russell Astor Professor of HumanitiesBrown UniversityUSA
Joe Curnow, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Melanie Braith, PhD CandidateUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Anthony Huynh, MSc, PhD candidateUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Eryk Martin, Faculty Member, Department of HistoryKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Sarah Martin, Assistant ProfessorMemorial UniversityCanada
Kika ThorneOCAD UniversityCanada
Aili Pyhälä, Adj. Prof.University of HelsinkiFinland
Irina Ceric, ProfessorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
chris crews, ProfessorGrand Valley State UniversityUnited States
Rosemary Collard, Assistant ProfessorSFUCanada
Robin L. Turner, Associate Professor of Political ScienceButler UniversityUnited States
Dr Nandini DeoLehigh UniversityUSA
Angela Mashford-Pringle, Assistant Professor/Associate DirectorUniversity of Toronto, Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous HealthCanada
Dr Chris WinterUniversity of SydneyAustralia
Alex Winter-Billington, PhD studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Sheri Plummer CPOCUBCCanada
Prof. Janet MironTrent universityCanada
Dr. Noel Healy, Associate ProfessorSalem State UniversityUS
Caleb Gingrich Regehr, MScMcGill UniversityCanada
Gabrielle Moser, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Candice Hopkins, Adjunct ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Holona Ochs, Assoc ProfLehigh UniversityUSA
Denise Ferreira da Silva, ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Professor Stefano HarneySingapore Management UniversitySingapore
jake moore, PhD CandidateMcGill UniversityCanada
Isabelle Anguelovski, ICREA Research ProfessorUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
Dr. Brenna Bhandar, Senior Lecturer in Law
SOAS, University of LondonUK
Professor Scott WatsonUniversity of British Columbiacanada
Tak Uesugi, Associate ProfessorOkayama UniversityJapan
Haruna Miyagawa, Associate ProfessorOkayama UniversityJapan
Tuomo Alhojärvi, PhD StudentUniversity of OuluFinland
Dr. Angela NardoziOntario Institute for Studies in EducationCanada
Sheila R. Colla, Assistant ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Morgan Johnson, PhD studentYork UniversityCanada
Mark Hudson, Associate Professor & Global Political Economy CoordinatorUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Dr Christina Cook, Research AssociateUBCCanada
Mburucuya O. Imlach, PhD student.Faculty of Env. Studies, York UniversityCanada
Janet Conway, Professor of Sociology, former Canada Research Chair in Social JusticeBrock UniversityCanada
Aida Mas Baghaie, MES Planning CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Kate Neville, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada
Dena Farsad, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Flora Dunster, Graduate StudentUniversity of SussexEngland
Alana Wittman, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Laura A. Tanguay, Ph.D. CandidateYork University, Faculty of Environmental StudiesCanada
Dr. Dean Bavington (Associate Professor of Geography)Memorial UniversityCanada
Christine Knott, Postdoctoral FellowMemorial UniversityCanada
Professor Jeannine St-JacquesGeography, Planning and Environment; Concordia UniversityCanada
Jacob McLean, PhD Student in Environmental StudiesYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Rachel Berger, Associate Professor of History and Fellow of the Simone de Beauvoir InstituteConcordia UniversityCanada
Professor Dip KapoorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Jocelyn Cadieux, Master’s candidateYork UniversityCanada
John Greyson, filmmaker/professorYork UniversityCanada
Davina BhandarAthabasca UniversityCanada
Véronique Bussières, Ph.D. candidateConcordia UniversityCanada
Dr. Brenda LongfellowYork UniversityCanada
Aeyliya Husain – FilmmakerYork UniversityCanada
Jessica Dempsey, Associate ProfessorDepartment of Geography, University of British ColumbiaCanada
Kyle FrancisYork University AlumCanada
Colleen WagnerYork UniversityCanada
Polina TeifYork UniversityCanada
Claudia Sicondolfo, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Sarah ChoiYork UniversityCanada
Luis Jacob, artist and lecturerUniversity of Toronto; Vermont College of Fine ArtCanada
Anthony Moss, StudentYork UniversityCanada
Michael Zryd, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Nicholas Veit, MES CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Jonathan Wright, MA studentYork UniversityCanada
Fred Wah, EmeritusUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Lisa Santonato, M.A. (Candidate)York UniversityCanada
Nikolay MichaylovYork UniversityCanada
Ella Tetrault, PhD studentYork UniversityCanada
Sophia Santini, PhD StudentUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Barbara Rahder, Professor EmeritaYork UniversityCanada
Lucy Pullen, former Assistant Professor, Visual ArtsUniversity of VictoriaCanada
May Chew, Assistant ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Erica Genereux Smith, MFAYork UniversityCanada
Mike Larsen, Faculty and Co-ChairKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Salah HassanpourYork UniversityCanada
Dara Culhane, Professor, AnthropologySimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Rob Bowman, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Karen Valihora, associate professorYork UniversityCanada
Samantha King, Professor and Head, Department of Gender StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Colleen Kaiser, PhD Candidate (ABD)York UniversityCanada
Bruce ConnellYork UniversityCanada
Courtney Szto, Assistant ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Nancy Butler, PhD, Adjunct Assistant ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Ryan Griffis, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignUSA
G. McIntire, ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Walter Whiteleuy, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Sofia Rivera, PhD Candidate, Social AnthropologyUniversity of California, DavisUnited States
Dr Lynette HunterUniversity of California, DavisUnited States
Vannina Sztainbok, Assistant Professor, Teaching StreamUniversity of TorontoCanada
Richard Pickard, Assistant Teaching ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Elizabeth Chin, PhDArtCenter College of DesignUnited States
Evelyn Poitras, Queen’s Indigenous Pre-Doctoral FellowQueen’sCanada
Taien Ng-Chan, Sessional Assistant ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Daniel Banoub, ISER Postdoctoral FellowMemorial UniversityCanada
Jessica Stokes, PhD StudentMichigan State UniversityUnited States
Michael TrommerYork University/OCAD UniversityCanada
Dr. Chase Joynt, Banting Postdoctoral FellowUniversity of ChicagoUSA // CANADA
Franco Nguyen – Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Suzana Sawyer, ProfessorUniversity of California, DavisUnited States
Dr. Christine Overall, Professor EmeritaQueen’s UniversityCanada
Cailleah Scott-Grimes, MFA Candidate in Film ProductionYork UniversityCanada
Megan WhitneyYork UniversityCanada
Khury Petersen-Smith, Michael Ratner Middle East Research FellowInstitute for Policy StudiesUSA
Sarah Lewison, Associate ProfessorSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleUnited States
Kristi Tethong, MFA studentYork UniversityCanada
nancy halifax, associate professorYork UniversityCanada
Kathy Wazana, Documentary FilmmakerYork UniversityCanada
Gretchen Jude, PhDUniversity of California DavisUSA
Dr. Sarah Marie WiebeUniversity of Hawaiʻi, MānoaUnited States
Dana Powell, Assistant Professor, Dept of AnthropologyAppalachian State UniversityUnited States
Michelle FraserCarleton UniversityCanada
Dr. Rachel Webb JekanowskiAlumna of Concordia UniversityCanada
Janet Walker, Professor of Film and Media StudiesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
Dr. Jane Tolmie, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Sarah Turner, Assistant ProfessorConcordiaCanada
Nicholas D’Avella, Visiting ScholarNew York UniversityUSA
Viva Rae Davis MatthewsYork UniversityCanada
Karla McManus, Limited Term Assistant ProfessorRyerson UniversityCanada
Kyoko Yokoma, M.F.A.York UniversityCanada
Liza Kim Jackson, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Marc Fawcett-AtkinsonUBCCanada
Dianne Chisholm, Professor EmeritusUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Anuj Vaidya, Artist/Scholar (PhD student)UC DavisUnited States
Jesse goldstein, asst profVirginia Commonwealth UniversityUnited States
Dr. Heather DavisThe New SchoolUSA
Lorelei Hanson, Associate Professor Environmental StudiesAthabasca UniversityCanada
Nathan Lemphers, PhD Candidate, Political ScienceUniversity of TorontoCanada
Leah Van Dyk, graduate studentUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Susie O’Brien, Associate ProfessorMcMaster UniversityCanada
Delia Byrnes, PhD CandidateUniversity of Texas at AustinUnited States
Brian McCormack, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Zahro Hassan, PhD StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Elaine Power, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Scott Morgensen, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Alia Karim, Ph.D CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Sheehan Moore, PhD studentCUNY Graduate CenterUnited States
Beverley Mullings, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Eun-Young Lee, assistant professorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Dr Silvia PosoccoBirkbeck, University of LondonUK
Nancy B. Bouchier Professor of HistoryMcMaster UniversityCanada
David Jefferess, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and EnglishUBC | Okanagan CampusCanada
Philippe Bourdin, Associate professor of linguisticsGlendon College, York University (Toronto)Canada
Paul Huebener, Associate ProfessorAthabasca UniversityCanada
Dylan Hall, Student and JournalistUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Jenny Kerber, Associate ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Brittaney WarrenUniversity of TorontoCanada
Nathalia Santos Ocasio, PhD studentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Prof. Sara CrosbyThe Ohio State University at MarionUnited States
Professor Mariam PirbhaiWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Dr. Heather Castleden, Canada Research ChairQueen’s UniversityCanada
Sara Carpenter, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Educational Policy Studies, University of AlbertaCanada
Melissa Forcione, PhD CandidateQueen’s UniversityCanada
Michelle S McGeough, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Katherine Spring, Associate ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Art Redding, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Joseph A. Daniels, PhD candidateUniversity of British Columbia and University of NottinghamCanada and United Kingdom
Deborah Cowen, Associate ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada
Amanda Glasbeek, Associate ProfessorYork University, Dept. of Social ScienceCanada
Bob Hanke, Contract FacultyYork UniversityCanada
Danny Barreto, Assistant Professor of LGBTQ StudiesColgate UniversityUnited States
Molly Fremes, Research & CommunicationsRyerson University, Centre for Studies in Food SecurityCanada
Dr. Laura CameronQueen’s UniversityCanada
David Murakami Wood, Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Surveillance StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Dr. James S. Quinn, ProfessorMcMasterCanada
Glenn Willmott, ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Anna Ek, Masters StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Emily Hawes, PhD StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Kim Buitenhuis, PhD StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Susan Belyea, PhDQueen’s UniversityCanada
Jennifer McDevittUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Juliana Pivato, Sessional LecturerUTSCCanada
Andrew Biro, ProfessorAcadia UniversityCanada
Rob Jackson PhD CandidateUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Erica DiFranco B.Sc. MPHc – StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Duncan Reid Hebenik – Master’s StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Jeffrey Whyte, Sessional LecturerUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
b.h. Yael, ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Adam Szymanski, Postdoctoral FellowMcGill UniversityCanada
Dr. Reena KukrejaGlobal Development Studies Department, Queen’s UniversityCanada
Genevieve Dumas Professor EmeritaQueen’s UniversityCanada
Elyssa Pompa, MES CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Derval Slatcher, Master’s StudentYork UniversityCanada
Prof. Kathryn YusoffQueen Mary University of LondonUK
Don Wells, Professor EmeritusMcMaster UniversityCanada
Paul Sylvestre PhD CandidateQueen’s UniversityCanada
Kathryn Denning, Assoc ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Althea Thauberger, Assistant ProfessorUBCCanada
Chris Meulbroek, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Dr. Neil BalanWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Jessica JohnsonYork UniversityCanada
Claire Ravenscroft, PhD studentDuke UniversityUnited States
Anna Bishop, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Dr Jason lambacherUniversity of Washington BothellUSA
Mielle Michaux, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Emma Jackson, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Will Archibald – M.A. CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Ruth HosekQueen’sCanada
Dr Niamh MooreUniversity of EdinburghScotland
Erin RobinsongIndependent writer / scholarCanada
John Holmes Professor EmeritusQueen’s UniversityCanada
Heather M. Turcotte, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Massachusetts DartmouthUnited States
Michael Egan, Associate ProfessorMcMaster UniversityCanada
Associate Professor Marie RickardYorrk UniversityCanada
Emily Roehl, Postdoctoral ScholarUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraU.S.
Andrew R. Jones, Professor of SociologyCalifornia State University, FresnoUSA
Mary Bunch, Assistant ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Nickie Van Lier, PhD CandidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
Angela Kruger, Activist and Graduate StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Susan Ingram, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Prof. Marilyn Bowering (retired)Vancouver Island UniversityCanada
Michael Truscello, Associate ProfessorMount Royal UniversityCanada
Çavlan Erengezgin – PhD StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaTurkey
Cynthia Levine-Rasky, Chair, Equity Committee, Department of SociologyQueen’s UniversityCanada
Melanie Dennis Unrau, PhD candidateUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Jodey Castricano, Assoc. ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Veronika Kratz, PhD StudentCarleton UniversityCanada
E M MacDonald, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Melanie Boyd, Associate LibrarianUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Anne Raine, Associate ProfessorUniversity of OttawaCanada
Emily Hoven, PhD studentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Randy Lee Cutler, Professor, Faculty of ArtEmily Carr UniversityCanada
Seraphina Skands Graduate StudentQueen’s UniversityCANADA
Professor Julie BurelleUniversity of California, San DiegoUnited States
Erin Silver, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Helen Lee, MFA CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Marisol de la Cadena, Professor, UC DavisUniversity of California-DavisUSA
Dr. Susan F. ReedAppalachian State UniversityUnited States
Alicia Estrada, ProfessorCalifornia State University, NorthridgeUSA
Daniel Gamez, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Keighlagh Donovan, Ph.D. StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Dr. Pamela Banting, Associate ProfessorUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Hilal Kina, PhD studentUBCCanada
Setsu Shigematsu, Associate ProfessorUniversity of California, RiversideUnited States
Dr. Ethan Miller, Lecturer in Politics, Anthropology, and Environmental StudiesBates CollegeUSA
Beth CarruthersUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Dr. Jaleh MansoorAssociate Professor, UBCCanada
Lisa Myers MFA, Assistant ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Jacob Forrest, PhD StudentDepartment of Geography, University of British ColumbiaCanada
Christina Chow, MA CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Sandra Huber, PhD StudentConcordia UniversityCanada
Emily Smith (MSc)University of TorontoCanada
Miriam Mabrouk, PhD studentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Elaine Coburn, assistant professorYork UniversityCanada
Cate Peter, graduate studentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Noel Sturgeon, Professor York UniversityCanada
Louise Forsyth, professor emeritaUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Iyko Day, Associate ProfessorMount Holyoke CollegeUnited States
Ellen McGarity-ShipleyQueen’s UniversityCanada
Jennifer Brady, Assistant ProfessorMount Saint Vincent UniversityCanada
Sheila Htoo, PhD Candidate (Faculty of Environmental Studies)York UniversityCanada
Alex Bunten-Walberg, PhD Student and InstructorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Carmen VictorYork/Ryerson UniversitiesCanada
Kevin O’Connor Ph.D. candidateUniversity of California, DavisCanada/USA
Robert Latham, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Robin Whitaker, Associate Professor, AnthropologyMemorial University of NewfoundlandCanada
Richard Fung, Professor, Faculty of ArtOCAD UniversityCanada
Lorna Weir, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Dr Merlin SheldrakeUniversity of CambridgeUK
George W. Wenzel, ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Dr. Amish MorrellOCAD UniversityCanada
Maria Belén Ordóñez, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Barbara Evans, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Tanis MacDonaldWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Lia Tarachansky, PhD StudentYork UniversityCanada
Sophie McCall, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Itrath Syed, PhD CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Sandra Lubarsky, Professor EmeritusNorthern Arizona UniversityUSA
Manuel Pina, Associate ProfessorUBCCanada
Dr. Lorraine WeirUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Jorji (George) TempleSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr Elena Loizidou Reader in Law and Political TheoryBirkbeck College University of LondonUk
Francisco-Fernando Granados, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Jeff Shantz, FacultyKwantlen Polytechnic University
Dr. Emily McGiffin, Postdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
Henri WimanFinland
Callum McLean, Graduate StudentUniversity of AmsterdamNetherlands
Dr Hannah BoastUniversity of BirminghamUnited Kingdom
Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, PostdocMichigan State UniversityCanada
Tai Vo, MES CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Max Bouwhuis, BAUniversity of AmsterdamNetherlands
Dr Alberto ToscanoGoldsmiths, University of LondonUnited Kingdom
Amanda Boetzkes, ProfessorUniversity of GuelphCanada
Jean-Paul Bourque, FounderRetired Independent Research in EcologyCanada
Claudio Cattaneo, associate professorAutónoma University of BarcelonaSpain
Baldeep Kaur Grewal, Research FellowUniversity of WuerzburgGermany
Andrew Loman, Associate ProfessorMemorial UniversityCanada
Kathleen Morris, LecturerOCAD UniversityCanada
Fiona Polack, Associate ProfessorMemorial UniversityCanada
Dr. Lisa Szabo-JonesJohn Abbott CollegeCanada
Melanie Lefebvre, Graduate StudentConcordia UniversityCanada
Catherine Richardson DrUniversity of MontrealCanada
Adriana Disman, Graduate StudentQueen Mary University of LondonLondon, UK/Toronto, Canada
Frances Ravensbergen, PhDConcordia UniversityCanada
Kenneth R. Zimmerman, PhD, Principle HistorianThe History Business, Inc.United States
Michelle Smith, Faculty and First Peoples InitiativeDawson CollegeCanada
Leonard Sklar, Professor of Environmental GeoscienceConcordia UniversityCanada
Michael Malouf, PhD, Associate Professor of EnglishGeorge Mason UniversityUSA
Kristiann Man, BSc (Hon) Kinesiology, MSc CandidateQueen’s UniversityCanada
Cédric Jamet, Graduate StudentConcordia UniversityCanada
Rosa Pires, Part-time teacherConcordia UniversityCanada
Marta Chudolinska, LibrarianOCAD UniversityCanada
Brenda Beagan, Full ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Sophie Traub, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Michele MartinYork University AlumnusCanada
Tamara Noor, Coordinator, E-Reserves & Learning ZoneOCAD UniversityCanada
Dr. Donald Burke, Contract FacultyYork UniversityCanada
Nadia McLaren Education DeveloperOCAD UCanada
Liz Maraston Library TechnicianOCAD UniversityCanada
Adam Ehsan Ali, Ph.D. CandidateQueen’s UniversityCanada
Cooper Lee Bombardier, MS, MFASaint Mary’s UniversityCanada
Kathy Kiloh, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Nicole Penak, LecturerYork UniversityCanada
Patricio Davila, Associate Professor and Associate DeanOCAD UniversityCanada
Heidi Lauckner, Assistant ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Didier Morelli, PhD CandidateNorthwestern UniversityCanada
Eva Pomeroy, Social Innovator in ResidenceConcordia UniversityCanada
Jenna Davidson, Research AssistantYork UniversityCanada
Dina Gilio-Whitaker, lecturerCalifornia State University San MarcosUSA
Bryan Dale (PhD)University of TorontoCanada
Jassi Ranauta, Master of Environmental Studies CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Barb Hamilton-Hinch Assistant ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCANADA
Gwen MacGregor, Adjunct Professor, PhD CandidateOCADU, University of TorontoCanada
Dr. Rosemary C. ReillyConcordia UniversityCanada
Nate Matlock, Managing Director for the Regis University Center for the Study of War ExperienceRegis UniversityUnited States
Lo Bil, artist and masters studentYork UniversityCanada
Sam Cotter, LecturerOCAD UniversityCanada
Leena Lamontagne-DupuisQueen’s UniversityCanada
Lindsay Gibb, Collection Development LibrarianOCAD UniversityCanada
Stuart Schussler, Faculty of Environmental StudiesYork UniversityCanada
Robert Nichols, Associate Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of MinnesotaUSA
Dr. Eli ManningDalhousie UniversityCanada
James J. Donahue, Associate ProfessorSUNY PotsdamUnited States
Angela Rawlings, PhD CandidateUniversity of GlasgowUK
Naomi Beingessner, PhD StudentUniversity of Manitoba
Craig Fortier, Assistant ProfessorRenison University College (University of Waterloo)Canada
Sydney Karbonik, Environmental Studies GraduateUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Pam Redela, LecturerCSU San MarcosUnited States
Stephen D’Arcy, Associate Professor, PhilosophyHuron UniversityCanada
Peter R Elson, Adjunct Assistant ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Min Sook, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Jessica Cory, LecturerWestern Carolina UniversityUS
Rebecca Gordon, LecturerNorthern Arizona UniversityUSA
Chelsea Dabhilk – MA StudentYork UniversityCanada
Brian Massumi, retired professorUniversity of MontrealCanada
Molly Volanth Hall, Graduate FellowUniversity of Rhode IslandUSA
Signy Lynch, Phd CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Ellen Field – SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow & Contract FacultyLakehead UniveristyCanada
Simmons Buntin, Editor-in-ChiefTerrain.org: A Journal of the Built + Natural EnvironmentsUnited States
Jonathan Newman, Assistant ProfessorMissouri State University (PhD Toront ’08)US/Canada
Ryan Young, College Professor in Media ArtsJohn Abbott CollegeCanada
Sandra Sjollema, part-time facultyConcordia UniversityCanada
Jacob Goessling PhD CandidateCarnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
Sennah Yee, PhD StudentYork UniversityCanada
Sarah Miller, M.Ed. Adjunct FacultyAppalachian State UniversityU.S.
Melissa Houghtaling, Assistant Professor (Adjunct)Queen’s UniversityCanada
Elan Marchinko PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Angela Warner, PhD StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Professor A. M. VincentUniversity of ChesterUK
Bonnie Devine, Associate Professor (retired)OCAD UniversityCanada
Erik Chevrier, Part-time professorConcordiaCanada
Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird, ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Dr Meredith J C WarrenUniversity of SheffieldUK
Jerrica GilbertYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Graeme MacQueenMcMaster University (retired)Canada
Patricia Van Roon, PhD CandidateDalhousie UniversityCanada
Professor T.V. ReedWSUUSA
Crystal Vaughan, Administrative Manager & MLIS CandidateDalhousie UniversityCanada
Sarah Butterill, LibrarianOCAD UniversityCanada
Carmel O’Keefe, InstructorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Jeannie Kerr, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of WinnipegCanada
Amber Berson, PhD StudentQueen’s UniversityAmber Berson
Rhonda Buckland ProfessorConcordia UniversityMontreal
Ariana Jacob, Adjunct Faculty and Chair of PSUFA Adjunct Faculty UnionPortland State UniversityUnited States
John P. Broome, PhD; Associate ProfessorUniversity of Mary WashingtonUSA
Dr. Merlinda WeinbergDalhousie UniversityCanada
Nishant Upadhyay, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Massachusetts DartmouthUnited States
freya zinovieff, phd studentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Antoine Eche, PhDMount Royal UniversityCanada
Christina V. Cedillo, Assistant Professor of Writing and RhetoricUniversity of Houston-Clear LakeUSA
Mr. Brett Cox, Graduate StudentConcordia – School of Community & Public Affairs: Community Economic Development so called “Canada”
Lisa King, Associate ProfessorUniversity of TennesseeUSA
Dr. Jean Marie AlgerTrinidad State Junior CollegeUnited States
Loran Tyleruniversity of north texasunited states
Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Associate ProfessorUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Dr. Kyhl LyndgaardCollege of St. Benedict/St. John’s UniversityUnited States
Claudia Puerta Silva, PhDUniversidad de AntioquiaColombia
Stephen Svenson, PhD SociologyWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Beverly Dywan Asst. ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Corrie Grosse, Assistant Professor of Environmental StudiesUnited States
Peter Nyers, Associate ProfessorMcMaster UniversityCanada
Asma Atique, Doctoral CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Danielle Donelson, PhDPfeiffer UniversityUSA
Patrizia Zanella, PhD studentUniversity of FribourgSwitzerland
John Riviere-Anderson, PhD student in abeyanceEnvironmental Studies, York UniversityCanada
Eric Rae, Graduate StudentUniversity of NiceFrance
Janice Morris, BA, MA, ACP English Instructor and Founder/Festival Director, KDocsKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Professor Jun ScudelerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Bernd Sauermann, Professor EmeritusHopkinsville Community CollegeUnited States
Jaron Judkins (grad student)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Emma Westecott, Associate Professor Game DesignOCAD UniversityCanada
Dr Katie EdwardsUniversity of SheffieldUK
Dr. Heather SmythUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Dr. Eric MorelUnited States of America
B. Trofanenko, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) Education, Culture, and CommunityAcadia UniversityUS/Canada
Karrieann Soto Vega, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of KentuckyUSA
Mike Sullivan, MESYorkCanada
Professor Kirsten AnkerMcGill UniversityCanada
Malea Powell, ProfessorMichigan State UniversityUSA
Isabella Wang, studentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Marc Andre FortinUniversity of SherbrookeCanada
Gurleen GrewalSFUCanada
Jin-me Yoon, Professor, Contemporary ArtSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Hillary Coenen, Assistant Director of the Writing CenterOklahoma State UniversityUnited States
Ms Naomi StewartSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Catherine Nolin, Associate Professor & Chair of GeographyUniversity of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)Canada
Dr Elizabeth Hutchin-BellurIndependent scholarUnited Kingdom
Cody Jackson, PhD StudentTexas Christian UniversityU.S.
Brian Holmes Ph.D.Art and cultural criticUSA
Simone Rapisarda, Assistant ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Paul Wittenbraker, Professor of ArtGrand Valley Utate UniversityUnited States
Bethany Davila, Associate ProfessorUniversity of New MexicoUnited States
R.A. Frager, Assoc. Prof.McMaster UniversityCanada
Jo Shin, MA studentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Jennifer HarrisUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Sarah Farahat, adjunct ProfessorPacific Northwest College of ArtUSA
Leslie Sanders, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Professor Joseph F KeepingYork UniversityCanada
Trudi Lynn SmithUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Sara Humphreys assistant teaching professorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Deidre Anne Evans Garriott, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Coordinator of the Writing CenterVirginia Military InstituteUnited States
Dr. Tamara Levi, Professor of HistoryJacksonville State UniversityUnited States
Laura Moncion, PhD studentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Kathy Zarur, LecturerCalifornia College of the ArtsUnited States
Carrie Louise Sheffield, Senior LecturerUniversity of TennesseeUSA
Dr. Jennifer Hardwick, FacultyKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Philippe Mongeau, Rare Book Cataloging SpecialistEmory UniversityUnited States
Malcolm Blincow, Ph.D, Associate Professor Emeritus of AnthropologyYork UniversityCanada
Terry Poucette, Assistant Teaching Professor, Indigenous Community Development & GovernanceSchool of Public Administration, University of VictoriaCanada
Aaron Finbloom, PhD CandidateConcordia UniversityCanada
Connor Meeker, MA StudentYork UniversityCanada
Paul Wattez, PhD. candidate, anthropologyUniversité of MontrealCanada
David Webster, associate professorBishop’s UniversityCanada
Colette Laliberté Associate ProfessorOCAD UCanada
GPat Patterson, Assistant Professor of EnglishKent State UniversityUnited States
Ngoc Dieu Cindy PhamYork UniversityCanada
Helen Reed, Instructor, Visual ArtsYukon School of Visual ArtsCanada
Prof. Triny FinlayDepartment of English, University of New BrunswickCanada
Maggie Ward, PhD CandidateMcMaster UniversityCanada
Emma Morgan-ThorpYork UniversityCanada
Marika Brown, PhD StudentMcMaster UniversityCanada
Dr. Yavanna Brownlee, Teaching Postdoctoral FellowOhio UniversityUnited States
Irene Shankar, Associate ProfessorMount Royal UniversityCanada
Sara Schroeter, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Sandra Semchuk, Associate ProfessorECUADCanada
Mina Rosefield, English MA StudentMcMaster UniversityCanada
Andrew Frank, Environmental Protection InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Dr. Jessica Barr, Ph.D.Trent UniversityTurtle Island (Canada)
Jessica Barr, Ph.D., sessional instructorTrent UniversityTurtle Island (Canada)
Arley CruthersKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Mathieu Feagan, Postdoctoral Research AssociateArizona State UniversityUnited States
Lesley McCannell, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Thea Cacchioni Associate Professor Gender StudiesUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Sandrina de FinneyUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Sergio Guerra, ArtistYorkCanada
Imre Szeman, ProfessorU of WaterlooCanada
Dr. Suzanne UrbanczykUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Pamela Highbaugh Aloni, Artist in ResidenceUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Sierra Deutsch, Postdoctoral ResearcherWageningen UniversityNetherlands
Rebecca Warburton, Assoc. Prof.University of VictoriaCanada
Dr Jessica HopeUniversity of Bristol, UKUK
Professor Adam PietteSheffieldUK
Ximena Flores, Oviedo, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Victoria McAuleyUniversity of TorontoCanada
Phyllis Novak, Artistic DirectorYork UniversityCanada
Susie Reading, Masters Student – Environmental StudiesYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Jacqui Munro (Assistant Professor, Accounting)University of ReginaCanada
Amanda Wilson, Assistant ProfessorSaint Paul UniversityCanada
Tavleen Purewal, PhD CandidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
Andrea Piccinin, ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Laura CybulskiQueen’s UniversityCanada
Alexandra D’Arcy, ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Mary Smith, PhDQueen’s UniversityCanada
Elizabeth Brulé, Assistant ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Jordan Ali, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Armand Garnet Ruffo, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Ian Fanning – Adjunct Professor – Global Development Studies and Department of Political StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Lisa Guenther, Queen’s National Scholar in Political Philosophy and Critical Prison StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Professor Robert LovelaceQueen’s UniversityCanada
Sue Dockstader, Doctoral StudentUniversity of OregonUSA
Qwo-Li Driskill, Associate ProfessorOregon State UniversityUnited States
Paul Matthew St. Pierre, Retired ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Percy Lezard, lecturerUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Gabriela McBee, PhDUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Brad Monsma, Professor of EnglishCalifornia State University, Channel IslandsUnited States
Dr. Carolyn Butler PalmerUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Benjamin Butler, PhD CandidateUniversity of Toronto
Cory Tamler, Ph.D. Student, Graduate Teaching FellowThe Graduate Center, CUNY; Brooklyn CollegeUnited States
Justine Huet, PhDMount Royal UniversityCanada
Laurie K. JonesUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Heather ElliotConcordiaCanada
Dia Da Costa, Professor of Educational Policy StudiesUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Dr. Kathlyn Liscomb, Professor EmeritaUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Nava WaxmanYork UniversityCanada
Misao Dean, ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Janni Aragon, Director of the Technology & Society ProgramUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Ron Thiessen- ProfessorConcordia University MontrealCanada
Patricia MarckUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Fanie Collardeau, PhD candidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Nicole Bates-EamerUVicCanada
Colleen Formisano, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Paul Richard, Ph.D.Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Professor Dorothy E SmithUniversity of VictoriaCA
Kent Mullinix, PhD.- Director, Institute for Sustainable Food SystemsKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Esther Tiessen, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Andy Smith- Teaching and Research Farm ManagerKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Julia Ostertag, PhDUniversity of Ottawa & Lakehead UniversityCanada
M. Pierre BeaucageUniversité de MontréalCanada
Lisa Ohlhauser, M.Sc. Graduate Student in Clinical PsychologyUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Daniela Constantinescu Associate ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Trina Whitsitt, Lab SupervisorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Andrea Niosi, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Valerie A.Gonzales, PhD EmeritaUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Betty Cunnin, Co-chair Horticulture, Apprenticeship CoordinatorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Joelle Taknint, M.Sc.University of VictoriaCanada
Lee BeavingtonKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Scott Kouri, PhD Student and InstructorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Deborah Henderson PhD Director, Institute for Sustainable HorticultureKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Anita Girvan, Assistant ProfessorAthabasca UniversityCanada
Megan Johnson, PhD StudentYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Clay HolroydUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Lisa Chalykoff, Assistant Teaching ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Celia Brinkerhoff, LibrarianKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
J. Sterling, LibraryKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Payal Batra, Research AssociateKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Naomi Robert, Research AssociateKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Edna Kalfon, Library AssistantKPUCanada
Jessica Brater, Assistant ProfessorMontclair State UniversityUnited States
Jessica AdamGraduate Center CUNYUnited States
Beatriz de Alba-Koch, Director, Latin American StudiesUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Mayurakshi Sen, PhD StudentThe Graduate Center, City University of New YorkIndia
Miguel GamboaUniversity of TorontoCanada
Shannon Dea, Associate Professor, PhilosophyUniversity of WaterlooCanada
Dr. Griffin EpsteinGeorge Brown CollegeCanada
Donatella Galella, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of California, RiversideUSA
Dr Audrey YapUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Stefanie A. Jones, PhDNew York UniversityUSA
Dr. Vanessa LehanYork University (Glendon)Canada
Grace Augustinowicz, Research AssociateKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Jennifer Foster, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Preet Nagra, Chemistry lab instructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Jen Delos ReyesUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoUnited States
Melissa Ashman, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Michael Reid — PhD CandidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
J. J. DeBenedictisKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Ms. Angie MurieWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Betty Davies, Adjunct ProfessorU. of VictoriaCanada
Alison WallsThe Graduate Center, CUNYUSA
Dr. Marie VautierCanadian Literatures, University of VictoriaCanada
Gregory M. Mikkelson, associate professorMcGill School of EnvironmentCanada
Rita Kaur DhamoonUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Crystal Tremblay, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Sarah Terry, Associate ProfessorOglethorpe UniversityUSA
Christine Upright Assistant Teaching ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Laura Gilbert, Graduate StudentMcGill UniversityCanada
Andrea Sussmann, FacultyKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Kurtis Peters, Sessional LecturerUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Nicole Tunbridge, Biology InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Rosa McBee, MA CandidateTrent UniversityCanada
Kiera Bono, PhD StudentThe Graduate Center, CUNYUnited States of America
Stephanie Thompson, Graduate StudentTrent UniversityTurtle Island
Alex Sarra-Davis, PhD Candidate in EnglishUniversity of TorontoCanada
Marjorie Coey Assoc. Arts, Library TechnicianKPUCanada
Kaitlyn Fallow, PhD CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Iris GordonUniveristy of VictoriaCanada
Amy E. Hughes, Associate ProfessorBrooklyn College (CUNY)United States
Aparna Tarc, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Danielle O’Connor, PhD CandidateUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Hannah Mitchell, Reference LibrarianUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Leanne Kelly, Assistant Teaching ProfessorUVICCanada
Debra Sheets, Ph.D, MSN, RNUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Susanna Farahat, MSOM, LAcNational University of Natural MedicineUnited States
Julia Polyck-O’Neill, PhD CandidateBrock UniversityCanada
Professor B. QuinnNUNMUSA
Natasha Guerriero – Student at McGillMcGill UniversityCanada
Marilou Gagnon, Associate ProfessorNursing, University of VictoriaCanada
Emily Amon, MA sustainability studiesTrent UniversityCanada
Jane Helleiner, ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Ann Braithwaite, ProfessorUPEICanada
Mara Marin, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Scott Neufeld (PhD Student)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Chris Lalonde, ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Sarah Sackville-McLauchlan, doctoral student.Faculty of Environmental Studies, York UniversityCanada
Professor Parker Duchemin (retired)Carleton UniversityOttawa, Canada
Dr Ben SpatzUniversity of HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom
Dr. Stephanie PalmerUniversité de NantesFrance
Sonya Bird, Associate ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Bernie Pauly, Professor, NursingUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Brianna Burke, Ph.D.Iowa State UniversityUnited States
Jeff Fedoruk, PhD CandidateMcMaster UniversityCanada
Renee Jackson-Harper, PhD candidateYork UniversityCanada
Christie McLeod, Graduate/Law StudentYork UniversityCanada
Kaitlyn Kauffeldt, PhD StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Tyra Soosay, Juris Doctor Candidate, BAUniversity British ColumbiaCanada
Michelle Nakano, ProfessorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Dr. T. Nikki Cesare SchotzkoUniversity of TorontoCanada
Johanne SaracenoUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Tomiko Yoneda, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Francis Rodriguez, Graduate StudentTrent UniversityCanada
Caroline Klimek, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Felan Parker, Assistant ProfessorSt. Michael’s College, University of TorontoCanada
Ki-Yong An (postdoc fellow)University of AlbertaCanada
Claire M Massey PhD ABDGreifswald UniversityGermany
Mary Grace Lao, PhD CandidateYork & Ryerson UniversitiesCanada
MA, PhD candidateYork UniversityCanada
Angela Haas, Associate ProfessorIllinois State UniversityUSA
Catherine Etmanski, ProfessorRoyal Roads UniversityCanada
Reuben Rose-Redwood, Associate Professor of GeographyUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Eileen Holowka, Professor and PhD StudentConcordia UniversityCanada
Cyrus Sundar Singh, PhD CandidateYork-RyersonCanada
Maria Yallah, PhD candidateUniversity of CanterburyNew Zealand
Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, Associate ProfessorYork UniverstiyCanada
Professor Steven JordanMcGil UniversityCanada
William Coleman, University Professor EmeritusMcMaster UniversityCanada
Katherine Van de Ven, graduate studentYork UniversityCanada
Jordan Quaglia, Assistant ProfessorNaropa UniversityUSA
Anthony Burton, Graduate StudentRyerson and York UniversityCanada
Heather Larson, PhDUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Professor Mandeep Mucinauniversity of victoriaCanada
Dr Khatebeh MazloumiKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Melanie O’Brian, Art Gallery, Department MemberSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Janine Marchessault, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Shelley Butler, LecturerMcGill UNiversityCanada
Matt James, Associate Professor, Political ScienceUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Professor Debra DavidsonUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Gina Mowatt, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Lori Hamar, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Mackenzie Ground, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Brendan Wohlers, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Max Cotter (Instructor)Ryerson UniversityCanada
Nadé Nixon, BFA, BEdUniversity of TorontoCanada
Dawn Wiseman, Assistant Professor, EducationBishop’s UniversityCanada (Abenaki territory)
Alexandra Boutros, Associate ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Negin Dahya, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of WashingtonUSA
Steven Gotzler, PhD CandidateCarnegie Mellon UniversityUSA
Prerna Subramanian, PhD CandidateQueens University, KingstonCanada
Micky Renders, Art EducatorQueensCanada
Vikki Reynolds, PhD Adjunct ProfessorAdler UniversityCanada
Louis-Georges Harvey, Adjunct ProfessorBishop’s UniversityCanada
Garance Malivel, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Shanne McCaffrey, Assistant Teaching ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Prof. Dr. Jutta GutberletUVicCanada
Carolyn Smart, ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Yiyi He, Graduate StudentQueens UniversityCanada
Kaziwa Salih P.hD CandidateQueens’ UniversityCanada
Jess Marcotte, Graduate Student/ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Karen Yoshida, Ph.D ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada
Sheridan Carr, Graduate StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Evadne Kelly, Postdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of GuelphCanada
María Regina Firmino-CastilloUniversity of California, RiversideUnited States
claude wittmann (PhD)canada
Lira Yun, Postdoctoral research fellowUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Tanya Titchkosky, ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada
Colin Simonds, PHD StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Celine Pereira, ArtivistConcordia universityCanada
Derek Denis, Assistant Professor of LinguisticsUniversity of Toronto MississaugaCanada
Erin Grosjean, PhD CandidateYork UniversityCanada
Virginie Magnat, Associate ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Joshua Russell, Assistant ProfessorCanisius CollegeUnited States
Terike Haapoja, Adjunct ProfessorParsons Fine Arts, NYUUSA
Tanya Pobuda, MA, PMP, Doctoral Graduate StudentRyerson UniversityCanada
Professor Alanna ThainMcGill UniversityCanada
Margaret Little, ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Chris Traynor, InstructorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Nadine Changfoot, Associate ProfessorTrent UniversityCanada
Tobias Wilczek, Graduate StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Aaron S Wright, Assistant ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Julie Libersat, Assistant ProfessorTexas Woman’s UniversityUnited States
Mary Stockdale, ProfessorUBC Okanagan campusCanada
Kyle Bladow, Assistant ProfessorNorthland CollegeUnited States
Jill Price, PhD studentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Madeleine Boyes-Manseau, MA Student in Cultural StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Yao-Hsien, Huang MD, PhD student in Global Health and Health SecurityTaipei Medical UniversityTaiwan
Satu Herrala, PhD studentAalto UniversityFinland
Ayaka Yoshimizu, InstructorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Sandeep Bakshi, Senior LecturerUniversity of Paris Denis DiderotFrance
Sandra Gómez, Graduate Student, PhD in AnthropologyMemorial University of Newfoundland and LabradorCanada
Sarah Howden, Graduate StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Thorin Wäschle, Graduate StudentUniversity of LeedsUnited Kingdom
Matt Rogalsky, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Professor Peter G. BrownMcGill UniversityCanada
Sanita Fejzic, PhD Candidate in Environmental Ethics and Cultural StudiesQueen’s UniversityCanada
Chloë Brushwood Rose, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Diana Allan, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology & Institute for the Study of International DevelopmentMcGill UniversityCanada
Prof. Dror EtzionMcGill UniversityCanada
Vidya Shah, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Professor Lisa FarleyYork UniversityCanada
Professor CarodenutoUVicCanada
Sydney Hart, Teaching FellowQueen’s UniversityCanada
Tracy Tidgwell, Research Project ManagerUniversity of GuelphCanada
Ismael Vaccaro, ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Susan D. Dion, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Mélanie Laflamme, conseillère pédagogiqueCollège MontmorencyCanada
Mary Mattingly, Visiting Assistant ProfessorPratt InstituteUnited States
Katherine Zien, Associate ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Thomas Lemarre, ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada
Jennifer Campbell, FacultyMarianopolis CollegeCanada
Elizabeth Dowdell, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Julia Chan, PhD CandidateQueen’s UniversityCanada
Helen Fielding, Associate ProfessorWestern UniversityCanada
Ted Gordon, ProfessorCollege of St. Benedict/St. John’s UniversityUnited States of America
Jacky Vallée, TeacherVanier CollegeCanada
Michelle MacQueen, PhD StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Judy Ingerman, TeacherVanier CollegeCanada
Gabriel Rei-Doval, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeUSA
Tyler Bateman (Graduate Student)University of TorontoCanada
Jessica Langston, ProfessorHeritage CollegeCanada
Catherine Bryan, Assistant ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Dr. Alan Wong, ProfessorVanier CollegeCanada
Karen Corrigan, Professor of Linguistics and English Language and Director of Research in LinguisticsNewcastle UniversityUK
Sophia Grabowiecka, M.A, ProfessorVanier CollegeCanada
Sam Rockbrune, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Isabelle Béliveau, professeureCégep VanierCanada
Yuhan Wang, Associate ProfessorMount Royal UniversityCanada
Jea Alford, Adjunct InstructorPortland State UniversityUnited States
Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Professor and Canada Research ChairYork UniversityCanada
Jane Dryden, Associate ProfessorMount Allison UniversityCanada
Elliott Tilleczek (Graduate Student)University of TorontoCanada
Anne Beer, TeacherNunavik Sivunitsavut/John Abbott CollegeCanada
Bradley Por, doctoral candidate, lawMcGill UniversityCanada
Mark S. Goldberg, PhD, Professor, Department of MedicineMcGill UniversityCanada
Francois Morelli, Emeritus ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Dong-Woo Kang. Graduate studentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Michael Laurentius, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Enerel Bayarbaatar, graduate studentYork universityCanada
Madelaine Khan, College ProfessorGeorgian CollegeCanada
Andrea Actis, InstructorCapilano UniversityCanada
Suzan Last, Assistant Teaching ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Doris Horne, Mohawk NationMohawk NationNorth America
Marina Zurkow, ProfessorNew York UniversityUnited States
Stephen Wright, ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Genner Llanes-Ortiz; Assistant ProfessorLeiden UniversityThe Netherlands
Derek Maisonville, CEGEP ProfessorJohn Abbott CollegeCanada
Jeff Karbonik, Managing PartnerNorthern Alberta Institute of TechnologyCanada
Caitlin Berrigan, Research AffiliateNYU TandonUSA
Gaëlle Nicolussi, Research AssociateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Claude Remillard, TeacherVanier CollegeCanada
Elise Vist, Graduate studentUniversity of Waterloo (Haldiman Tract)Canada
Christine Wekerle, Associate ProfessorMcMaster UniversityCanada
Jared Moore, Master’s StudentNational University of SingaporeSingapore
Tina Moffat (Associate Professor)McMaster UniversityCanada
Antonio Calcagno, Professor of PhilosophyKing’s University College at Western UniversityCanada
Lib Spry, PhD studentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Camille Georgeson-Usher, Graduate StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
P. Kerim Friedman, Associate ProfessorNational Dong Hwa UniversityTaiwan
David Shorter, ProfessorUniversity of California Los AngelesUnited States
Michelle Molnar, Admin CoordinatorKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanada
Deneh’Cho Thompson, Graduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Marlyn Bennet, Director / Assistant ProfessorUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Melissa Pole, Graduate StudentCarleton UniversityCanada
Cara Fabre, ProfessorUniversity of WindsorCanada
El Jones Nancy’s Chair in Women’s StudiesMount Saint Vincent UniversityCanada
Lynne Alexandrova, PhD studiesUofTorontoCanada
S L Davies BA(Hons)MurdochAustralia
Gladys Rowe PhD studentUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Dr. Janice BillySimon Fraser University alumuniCanada
Eleonora Joensuu, sessional lecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Lou-Anne Fauteck Makes-Marks, Ph.D., Independent ResearcherSacred AmericaUnited States
Lynne Alexandrova, PhD candidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
Claire Valderama-Wallace PhD, MPH, RN (Assistant Professor)California State University East BayUnited States
Shay Hucklebridge, Linguistics Graduate StudentUMass AmherstUnited States
Symon Jory Stevens-Guille (Graduate Student)The Ohio State UniversityUSA
Professor Fern BrungerMemorial University of NewfoundlandCanada
M. Duckett ProfessorDawson College, MontrealCanada
Amy Bombay, Assistant ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Sherri Russell, Graduate StudentUPEICanada
Angela Ikuallaq Indigenous Student Centre AssistantVanierCanada
T. J. Demos, ProfessorUC Santa CruzUSA
Fulvia Massimi, PhDConcordia UniversityCanada
Ebru Ustundag, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Tourism StudiesBrock UniversityCanada
Margot Francis, Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Donna Szoke, Chair & Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Debra Harwood, PhD Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Prof. Nicole IvesMcGill UniversityCanada
Debbie Martin, Canada Research Chair and Associate ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Emma Cruddas, Graduate StudentDalhousie UniversityCanada
Trish Ruebottom, Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Gregor Kranjc, Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Natalee Caple, Associate ProfessorBrockCanada
Andrew Paul, MA Human Geography GraduateYork UniversityCanada
Katie Martin, graduate studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Tamari Kitossa, Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
René Lemieux, assistant professorUniversité de SherbrookeCanada
Rebecca Raby, ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Professor Omeasoo WahpasiwUniversity of Prince Edward IslandCanada
Yovita Gwekwerere, Assistant ProfessorLaurentian UniversityCanada
Peter Vandergeest, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Patricia Wood, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Troy Bordun, InstructorTrent University and Concordia UniversityCanada
Prof. Michael T. SchmittSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Lori Barkley Instructor of Anthropology & Peace StudiesSelkirk CollegeCanada
Robyn Bourgeois (Cree), Assistant Professor, WGSTBrock UniversityCanada
Michelle Hogue, Associate Professor; Coordinator First Nations’ Transition ProgramUniversity of LethbridgeCanada
Thomas Babott, FacultySelkirk CollegeCanada
K. Curtin, Graduate studentUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Melissa Nicholson, Nurse Educator and masters studentUBCCanada
Rebecca Garett, Adjunct Member, Graduate Program in Visual ArtsYork UniversityCanada
Jonah Simpson, Graduate StudentUniversity of ChicagoUnited States
Robin Roth, Assoc ProfessorUniversity of GuelphCanada
Tami J. Friedman, Associate Professor of HistoryBrock UniversityCanada
Dr. Denise NadeauConcordia UniversityCanada
Nancy Pollak, InstructorLangara CollegeCanada
Elizabeth MacKenzie, Non-Regular FacultyEmily Carr UniversityCanada
M. Pauker, LecturerEmily Carr University of Art + DesignCanada
Janet McVittie, ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Roger Bryenton, P. Eng.(former), MBA, InstructorUBC, UVic, SFUCanada
Aurora van Roon, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Yilin Wang, Graduate StudentUBCCanada
Amanda Huynh, Sessional FacultyEmily Carr University of Art + DesignCanada
Megan Kaminski, Associate ProfessorUniversity of KansasUSA
Maia Wikler, MA Anthropology CandidateUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Samir Gandesha, Associate ProfessorSIMON FRASER UniversityCanada
Alice Damiano, Ph.D. candidateMcGill UniversityCanada
Laiwan, ProfessorGoddard CollegeCanada
Linda McMullen, Professor EmeritaUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
anique veredIndependent researcherBelgium/ Australia
Robert Innes (Associate Professor)University of SaskatchewanCanada
Professor Nicole BellTrent UniversityCanada
Tristram DaviesUniversity of Western AustraliaAustralia
Paul Elliot, ProfessorTrentCanada
A. Mountain, Graduate StudentTrent UCanada
Ian Puppe, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Western OntarioCanada
MA Candidate Thamer LinklaterTrent UniversityCanada
Astrid V. Pérez Piñán, Assistant Professor
University of Victoria

Cindy Hanson, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Holly Graham, Assistant ProfessorCollege of Nursing, University of SaskatchewanCanada
Marc Spooner, ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Demi Mathias, Graduate studentTrent UniversityCanada
Kayla Benoit, Admin AssistantUniversity of ReginaCanada
Michelle Coupal, Canada Research Chair Truth and Reconciliation, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Michael Shires – LibrarianUniversity of ReginaCanada
Len Findlay, Distinguished Professor EmeritusUniversity of SaskatchewanCA
Bruno Dupeyron, Associate ProfessorJohnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public PolicyCanada
Dr. Jaime Williams, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Grant Fahlman, MBA (Assistant Registrar)University of ReginaCanada
Troni Grande, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Megan Jalbert – Athletic CoordinatorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Simon Granovsky-Larsen, Assistant Professor of Politics and International StudiesUniversity of ReginaCanada
Christine Phillips, Indigenous Coordinator and Academic AdvisorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Joeann Argue, Assistant Professor in Indigenous PerformanceTrent UniversityCanada
Jesse Bazzul Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Javney Mohr, Adjunct ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Brenna Pacholko – instructorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Hilary Wear, Course Instructor, AlumniTrent UniversityCanada
Darlene Juschka, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Ryan Gray-Brady, Graduate StudentTrent UniversityCanada
Elizabeth MacKenzie, Non-Regular FacultyEmily Carr UniversityCanada
Seraphine Munroe, graduate studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Taylor Wale, graduate studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Yi Chien Jade Ho, PhD CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Wanda Hounslow, PhD studentUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Florence Stratton, Associate Professor EmeritaUniversity of ReginaCanada
Zachary Williams, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Amber Hansen, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Cynthia Nugent, MA, adjunct facultyECUADCanada
Dr. Heather Y. Shpuniarsky, sessional lecturerTrent UniversityCanada
Ezra Winton, ProfessorLakehead University, Concordia University, Dawson CollegeCanada
Arok Wolvengrey, ProfessorFirst Nations UniversityCanada
Sarah C. Moritz, PhD CandidateMcGill UniversityCanada
susan benoit, graduate studentsaskatoon university of saskatchewanCanada
Professor Matt Luther King Dossett IIILSEUK
Julia Howell (Graduate Student)Dalhousie UniversityCanada
Heidi Rimke, Associate ProfessorUniversity of WinnipegCanada
Robert Muir, Senior LecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Fred Wah, EmeritusUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Julia Grummitt, Graduate StudentPrinceton UniversityUnited States
Kim Hotham, ProfessorFanshawe CollegeCanada
Alisha Sharma, Graduate StudentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Jane Barter, ProfessorThe University of WinnipegCanada
Donna Martin, Community Health WorkerVancouver Island UniversityCanada
Samantha, MSc candidateConcordia UniversityCanada
Coordinator of Spiritual AffairsTrent UniversityCanada
Lynn Farrales, Family PhysicianUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Judith Saltman, Professor EmeritaUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Alison MacAulay, PhD CandidateUniversity of TorontoCanada
Chelsea Bauer, Doctoral StudentYork UniversityCanada
Nina Smolyar, Graduate studentUniversity of VermontUnited States
Kimberly A. Williams, Associate ProfessorMount Royal UniversityCanada
MacKenzie Robertson (Graduate Student)University of VictoriaCanada
Andrea Sterzuk, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ReginaCanada
Dr. Robert C Dickson, MDU of CalgaryCanada
Professor Andra McCartneyConcordiaCanada
Mary-Beth Raddon, Associate ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
Alison St Pierre, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Lara Aysal, PhD studentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Emily Duncan, Graduate StudentUniversity of GuelphCanada
Professor Robert BoschmanMount Royal UniversityCanada
M. Larch Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Paul R. CarrUniversité du Québec en OutaouaisCanada
Katherine Rose, ProfessorVanier CollegeCanada
Laurence Desmarais, PhD candidateUQATCanada
Professor Stephen James MintonTrinity College DublinIreland
Stacie Swain, PhD StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Shakti Brazier-TompkinsSt. Thomas More CollegeCanada
Genevieve LAUNAY, Retired ProfessorUniversité de BourgogneFRANCE
Fatima Pirbhai-Illich (Professor)University of ReginaCanada
Shauna Littlewood, BMusUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Adjunct Professor, College of MedicineUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Rian Bevan, SFU graduateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr Grietje BaarsCity, University of LondonUK
H.Monty Montgomery, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Regina (Saskatoon)Canada
Phil Henderson, PhD CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Emilie Urbain, Assistant ProfessorCarleton UniversityCanada
Maria Angelica QuesadaUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Ryan Broe, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Patricia Halleran Ph.D. StudentOregon State UniversityUSA
Suzanne Bakon, Marine BiologyUniversity of VancouverCanada
Amélie Faubert, sociology studentUQAMCanada
Janice Williamson, ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaCanada
Lia Meas – Pre-service TeacherVancouver Island UniversityCanada
Sam Grey, Sessional Instructor & PhD CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Professor Lorraine McNeilFanshawe CollegeCanada
E. Hirsch, Professor of SociologyProvidence CollegeUSA
William WoodUniversity of ManitobaCanada
J. Kozlowski, Graduate StudentAntioch UniversityUnited States
Joseph Ruanto-Ramirez, PhD studentClaremont Graduate UniversityUnited States
Irwin Oostindie, Graduate Student, School of CommunicationsSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Heather Schmidt, ProfessorCape Breton UniversityCanada
Alison Adams, PhD StudentUniversity of VermontUnited States
Anika Watson, Q Skills Program CoordinatorQuest University CanadaCanada
Timothy Harvie, Associate ProfessorSt. Mary’s University, CalgaryCanada
Kathryn Mockler, LecturerWestern UniversityCanada
Jason Hannan, Associate ProfessorDepartment of Rhetoric & Communications, University of WinnipegCanada
Ann Curry-Stevens, Associate ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Frann Michel, ProfessorWillamette UniversityUSA
Maneesa Sotheeswaran, Undergraduate studentSimon FraserCanada
Victor Woods MESYork UniversityCanada
Ellen K Vanlar, Master of Fine ArtsScience team, Western Univ. London ONCanada
Zishad Lak, PhD candidateUniversity of OttawaCanada
Rebekah R. Ingram, PhD candidateCarleton UniversityCanada
Jason Buel, Assistant ProfessorNC Wesleyan CollegeUSA
Kai Bosworth, Visiting Assistant ProfessorBrown UniversityUSA
Jessica Percy Campbell, PhD StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
John Price, Professor Emeritus, HistoryUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Angela West PhD studentDrew UniversityUnited States of America
Sarah Ghabrial (Assistant Professor)ConcordiaCanada
Christine Elsey, Associate professorUniversity of the Fraser ValleyCanada
Ann Rogers, Political StudiesVancouver Island UniversityCanada
Estella Kuchta (Instructor)Langara CollegeCanada
Todd Carnahan, biologistWaterloo, Victoria, MelbourneCanada
Bruce Lanphear – ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
David Chang (PhD. Candidate)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Richard Matthews, Associate ProfessorBond UniversityAustralia
Dr. Mark F. Ruml, Full ProfessorReligion & Culture, University of WinnipegCanada
Bruce Erickson, Associate ProfessorUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Bruno Seraphin, PhD StudentCornell UniversityUSA
Mark Fettes, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Crystal Sawyer, Graduate student (on leave)Royal Roads UniversityCanada
Leah Houtman, graduate studentOregon State UniversityUnited States
J. Roosa, Associate ProfessorU. of British ColumbiaCanada
Julia Fisher, Counseling Faculty/InstructorRogue Community CollegeUSA
Dr. Maya K. GislasonSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Stan Thayne, Visiting Asst. ProfessorWhitman CollegeUnited States
Kathryn Wells Graduate studentYork UniversityCanada
Dr. George BuranyiAtlantic Contemplative CentreCanada
Alison Krahn, Program Manager, Indigenous Initiatives – ForestryUBCCanada
Vicki Kelly, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Ms. Renata KlassenAUARTSCanada
Daniel Beck, Professor of BiologyCentral Washington UniversityUSA
Matthew Fuller, PhD CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Ayu Ratih, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
A Norris,Contract Academic Staff/InstructorUniversity of WinnipegCanada
Mark Connell, Faculty Advisor/ InstructorYukon College (Yukon University)Canada
Lindsay Morris, B.Ed, Dip. Dr of TCM, R.TCMP,University of Alberta, Academy of Classical Oriental SciencesCanada
Christina Laffin, Associate ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Dr Nancy H FurnessUBC GraduateCanada
Marnie Wu, Professional Engineer, APEGAUBCCanada
G. Anthony Bruno, Assistant ProfessorRoyal Holloway University of TorontoUK
Lin Yichun, Director & Professor, Women’s & Gender StudiesSouthern Connecticut State UniversityUSA
Susan Timmins, Postgraduate StudentUniversity of the Highlands and IslandsScotland
Kathy de Jong, Assistant ProfessorMemorial University of Newfoundland and LabradorCanada
Professor Sherry M. PictouMount Saint Vincent UniversityCanada
David James Hudson, Associate LibrarianUniversity of GuelphCanada
Stevie Cornell, BSc (Nsg), Masters of MidwiferyUniversity of Southern QueenslandAustralia
Peter Graham, Part time ProfessorConcordia UniversityCanada
Naryn Davar, Adjunct ProfessorDalhousie UniversityCanada
Professor Brian NobleDalhousie UniversityCanada
Emma Hale AllumniMcMaster UniversityCanada
Dr. Gwyneth HawkinsLondon School of EconomicsLondon
A. Jorgenson, ProfessorMartin Luther University CollegeCanada
Kerry Taylor, Assistant Professor, Teaching StreamUniversity of TorontoCanada
Chantal Gailloux, PhD CandidateConcordia UniversityCanada
Giselle Dias, MSW, PhD CandidateWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
H. Ramirez, Contract facultyWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Jill McTavish (Postdoctoral fellow)McMaster UniversityCanada
Leone StanwayAcadia UniversityCanada
Shana Higgins, LibrarianUniversity of RedlandsUnited States
Tricia Toso, PhD candidateConcordia UniversityCanada
Elizabeth Lunstrum, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Dom Taylor, LibrarianUniversity of ManitobaCanada
Jay Vee Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Tim Leduc, Assistant ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Kaila Motz- Director of Releaf Compassion CentersKwantlen UniversityCanada
Maurice Jr. Labelle (Assistant Professor of History)University of SaskatchewanCanada
Shana Graham, Graduate StudentUniversity of ReginaCanada
Michelle Pidgeon, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
Alison Oates, Associate ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Stuart McLean (Professor)University of Minnesota, Department of AnthropologyUnited States
Stephanie Frost (Independent Scholar)University of Saskatchewan [M.Sc, B.Sc.H.]Canada
Professor Brandy Barter-StormMillikin UniversityUnited States
Tamara Vukov, Assistant ProfessorUniversité de MontréalCanada/Québec
Rose Roberts, Educational Development SpecialistUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
Bonnie Freeman, Ph.D Assistant ProfessorMcMaster UniversityCanada
Laura Mastronardi, LecturerWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Greg Albo, ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Kate Zinszer, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of MontrealCanada
Dr. Deboral LunnyJohn Abbott CollegeCanada
Ioana Cornaat Posdoctoral Research FellowUK
Sara Nelson, Killam Postdoctoral FellowUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Heather SpearsOdenseDanmark
Posdoctoral Research FellowINRS-UCSCanada
Dr. Tim Walters, College Professor.Okanagan College.Canada.
Brydon Kramer, M.A. CandidateUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Patricia Morton, Professor EmeritaTrent UniversityCanada
Atagün Mert Kejanlıoğlu, Doctoral StudentMcGill UniversityCanada
Emily Rees – Research AssistantSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Mackenzie Barton-Rowledge, Physics FacultyNorth Seattle CollegeUSA
Professor/Indigenous Pedagogy DeveloperDurham College/Trent UniversityCanada
Dina Spigelski, Project Manager, LecturerMcGill UniversityCanada
Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao, PhDUniversity of British ColumbiaUSA/Rwanda
Jennie Blankinship, Doctoral CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dana James, PhD CandidateUBCCanada
Kiely McFarlane, PhD CandidateUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Devin McClancy, PhD StudentYork UniversityCanada
Mark Simpson, ProfessorEnglish and Film Studies, University of AlbertaCanada
Timothy Perkins, ProfessorENSCI-les ateliersFrance
Krista Cawley, MSc studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Scott Krayenhoff, Assistant Professor (Atmospheric Science)University of GuelphCanada
Codie Fortin Lalonde, PhD Candidate, Contract InstructorCarleton UniversityCanada
Amy Burlock, graduate studentCarleton UniversityCanada
Melissa Dane, Graduate StudentCarleton UniversityCanada
Jennifer. Pighin, Sessional InstructorUniversity of Northern British ColumbiaCanada
Daniel J. Paré, Associate ProfessorUniversity of OttawaCanada
Blandine Emilien, Ph.D, Assistant porfessorUniversité du Québec a MontréalCanada
Nina Duque, Lecturer, PhD CandidateUniversité du Québec à MontréalCanada
Dr. Heather Morrison, Associate ProfessorUniversity of OttawaCanada
Katie Bauder, Master of Public Health candidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr Caroline GattHon Research FellowUk
Natalie Owl, PhD CandidateUniversity of ReginaCanada
Rebecca D. Cox, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Professor Simon SpringerUniversity of NewcastleAustralia
William Vanarragon, Associate ProfessorThe King’s UniversityCanada
Fairouz Saidani (Assistant Professor, PhD researcher)Translation Studies (University of Algiers)Algeria
B. Cameron, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Design, The Bartlett School of ArchtectureUniversity College LondonUnited Kingdom
Toby Appelgate, Lecturer of Human GeographyThe University of Massachusetts-AmherstThe United States of America
Dolores van der Wey, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Carm De Santis, graduate studentUniversity of GuelphCanada
Ann Travers, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Marie-Christine Lemieux-Couture, PhD student, SemioticUniversité du Québec à MontréalCanada
Rebecca Cobb, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Jeremy Waller, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Parin Dossa, ProfessorSimon FraserCanada
Shaughna Cooper, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Brenda Morrison, Associate Professor, Director of the Centre for Restorative JusticeSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Melek OrtabasiSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Rev. Dr. Trevor Bechtel, Student Engagement CoordinatorUniversity of MichiganUSA
Hannah McGregor, Assistant ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Lisa Myers professor, curator, artistYork UniversityCanada
Arlene McLaren, Professor emeritaSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Nicky Didicher, University LecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
May Chazan (Associate Professor)Trent UCanada
Allison Kermode, Professor EmeritusSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Vanessa St. Arnaud, B.A. holder and second degree candidate.Simon Fraser University“Canada”
Stephanie Sersli, PhD CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Carolyn Lesjak, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Gary Teeple, ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Mark Lechner, Senior LecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Jen Thomas, PhD Candidate and InstructorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Ronald A Hanson B Ed, Professional TeacherUniversity of CalgaryCanada
Peter Sugrue, Graduate StudentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Dr. Evelyn Pinkerton, ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Nina Nichols, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Tyler McCreary, Assistant ProfessorFlorida State UniversityUnited States
Professor Michael HathawaySimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Deanna Reder, PhD, Associate ProfesserSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Gintaras DautartasUniversity of HelsinkiFinland
Michael Lang, graduate studentUniversity of VictoriaCanada
Heather Earle, Master’s studentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Veronica Earle, Professor (Emeritus)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
David Wilkins, Professor of American Indian StudiesUniversity of MinnesotaUSA
Dr. Alexander DunlapUniversity of OsloNorway
Céline Tremblay Graduate student Territory managementUniversity of Quebec ChicoutimiCanada
Ganaele Langlois, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Stacy Leigh Pigg, Professor of AnthropologySimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Taylor Wale, graduate studentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Filiz Kartal, Prof. Dr.Ankara UniversityTurkey
Zachary Dove, PhD Student | PoliticsUniversity of California, Santa CruzUnited States
Dr. Richard J. White, Reader in Human GeographySheffield Hallam UniversityUnited Kingdom
Dr Jasmine Shadrack Senior LecturerThe University of NorthamptonEngland
Ena Lee, Assistant ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Greg Elmer, ProfessorRyerson UniversityCanada
Steven Moore, Adjunct ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Ben Brucato, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Sociology, Rhode Island CollegeUSA
Amaia Albizua, Postdoctoral researcherBasque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)Spain
Karl Frost, researcherMax Planck Institute for Evolutionary AnthropologyGermany
Antoine Zboralski, PhD studentUniversité de MonctonCanada
Jana Cameron, Learning officerBrent museum and archivesUk
Amy Mazowita, MAUniversity of Winnipeg alumnaCanada
Doreen Miller, Senior LecturerBoston UniversityUSA
Kate Fremlin, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Natasha-Kim Ferenczi ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Kelleen Toohey, Professor EmeritaSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Hannah Kobluk, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Isabelle Côté, LecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Professor Allyson ClaySimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Hazel Plante, LibrarianSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Gaelle PlanchenaultSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Victor Lam, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Lauren Burrows, Graduate StudentWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Erin Huston, Graduate StudentWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Sarah Vanderveer, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Anna Sveinsdottir, PhD CandidateUniversity of DenverUnited States
Elspeth PrattSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Professor Eric PerramondColorado CollegeUnited States
Dr. Kalervo A. SinervoConcordia UniversityCanada
Nathan Ross, Graduate StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Jonathan Anuik (associate professor)University of AlbertaCanada
Julia RushtonSUNY at Syracuse, College of Environmental Sciences and ForestryUnited States
Sara Nawaz, PhD StudentUBCCanada
Bascom Guffin, LecturerSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Jacob Jones, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Sharalyn Jordan, Assistant ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Dr. Alexandre WilsonIndependent ScholarCanada
Lib Spry, PhD studentQueens UniversityCanada
Sonja Luehrmann, Associate Professor of AnthropologySimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Nancy Griffith-Zahner, EdD (ABT)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Angela Brooks-Wilson, ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
David Huntley, Professor EmeritusSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Debbie Lou Ludolph, phd candidateMartin Luther University CollegeCanada
Erin Clancy, Graduate StudentTrent UniversityCanada
Rowena Keil, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
John Lyon, Assistant ProfessorCalifornia State University, FresnoUnited States
Helen Lee Robertson (Associate Librarian)University of CalgaryCanada
Irma Heiskanen, PsychologistGeneraattori osuuskuntaSuomi
Antonia Mills, Professor EmeritaUNBCCanada
Julie Higginson MARoyal Roads UniversityCanada
Mélanie HillUniversity of TorontoCanada
Ali Versluis, Open Educational Resources LibrarianUniversity of GuelphCanada
Susan PloetzUniversität der Kunst BerlinGermany
Rebekah Ludolph, PhD CandidateWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Juan Pablo Pascual, ProfesorInstituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de CuyoArgentina
Daviken Studnicki Gizbert, Associate Professor of HistoryMcGill UniversityCanada
Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Hawaiʻi at MānoaHawaiʻi
Patricia Barkaskas, ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Min Sook Lee, Assistant ProfessorOCAD UniversityCanada
Daniella Loscerbo, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Kaia Scott, PhDConcordia UniversityCanada
Dr Kyla Tienhaara, Canada Research Chair in Economy and EnvironmentQueen’s UniversityCanada
Katie Fisher, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Anne-Sophie Caron, PhD student in BiologyConcordia UniversityCanada
Khalil Habrih, Sociology PhD candidateUniversity of OttawaCanada
Joel Blechinger (MLIS Graduate Student)University of AlbertaCanada
Sylvia Roberts, LibrarianSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Martha McMahon Associate ProfessorUniversity of VictoriaCanada
David Widgington, MA Media StudiesConcordia UniversityCanada
Clayton Morgareidge, Professor EmeritusLewis & Clark CollegeUSA
Sarah Rotz, Postdoctoral FellowQueens UniversityCanada
Stastny Angelique (Teaching Fellow)Aix-Marseille UniversityFrance
Bruce Braun, ProfessorUniversity of MinnesotaUnited States
Signe Knutson, Master HerbalistWild Rose CollegeCanada
Marissa Graduate StudentTrent UniversityCanada
Trish Salah, Associate ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay, Ph.D. StudentTrent UniversityCanada
Emma Hughes, Graduate StudentTrent UniversityCanada
James Matthews, PhD (ret)University of FloridaUnited States
Caroline Kaltefleiter, Professor of Communication StudiesState University of New York-CortlandUnited States
Rudy Reimer/Yumks, Associate ProfessorSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Maggie Knapp, Graduate Student, Restoration EcologyUniversity of VictoriaUnited States
Carolyn Clark, instructor, dept. of social workNorthern Lakes CollegeCanada
James Chisholm (Musician)Capilano UniversityCanada
Kavita Kanitkar, Masters StudentUniversity of TorontoCanada
Alison Humphrey, PhD studentYork UniversityCanada
Christy Gombay (Ass. Professor)McMaster UniversityCanada
James Wilkes, Instructor, Indigenous Environmental Studies & Sciences ProgramTrent UniversityCanada
Maria Spiliotopoulou, PhD CandidateSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Ryan DeCaire Assistant ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada
Mark Thomas, Associate ProfessorYork UniversityCanada
Myra J. Hird, ProfessorQueen’s UniversityCanada
Simon Black, Assistant ProfessorBrock UniversityCanada
David Roy Newhouse, Professor, Indigenous StudiesTrent UniversityCanada
Professor Kent McNeilYork UniversityCanada
Graham WhitelawQueen’s University, Kingston, OntarioCanada
Natalie Gibb, TeacherHeritage CollegeCanada
Dr. Peter Eglin, Emeritus ProfessorWilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
Kelly King, Graduate studentYork UniversityCanada
Dr. Trevor PurvisCarleton UniversityCanada
Gerald Rowe, PhD, Adjunct ProfessorInstitut Armand Frappier – INRSCanada
Kendra Strauss, Associate Professor of Labour Studies and Director of the Labour Studies ProgramSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Tannara Yelland, Graduate StudentYork UniversityCanada
Lili Ellen, Graduate StudentSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Melanie Wittes, ResearcherMcGill UniversityCanada
Justin Paulson, Associate ProfessorCarleton UniversityCanada
Paulette Steeves assistant professor HistoryAlgoma UniversityCanada
Claire McLeish, PhD Candidate & Course LecturerMcGill UniversityCanada
Dr John FellowesKingston upon ThamesUK
Sandi Hill, Master of Social WorkUniversity of WindsorCanada
Wendy Whitebear, U of R PressUniversity of ReginaCanada
Yildiz Atasoy, Professor & Director of Centre for Sustainable DevelopmentDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Nicole Latulippe, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Toronto ScarboroughCanada
Lisa Poole (Sociology Instructor)Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
Faith Rajasingham, Graduate Student, MAYork UniversityCanada
R. Ben Fawcett, PhD CandidateUniversity of SaskatchewanCanada
James Naylor, ProfessorBrandon UniversityCanada
michael a. lebowitz, professor emeritus of economicssimon fraser universitycanada
Seth Klein, Adjunct Professor, Urban StudiesSimon Fraser UniversityCanada
Charles Hamilton (Graduate Student, Public Health)University of Sheffield/Ecole des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP)/Jagiellonian University Medical CollegeUnited Kingdom/France/Poland
Taylor Fields, PhD StudentUniversity of WisconsinUnited States

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