Video: Ecological Law and Governance: An Introduction and Overview webinar

The video of the first webinar in our yearlong webinar series on Ecological Law & Governance is now available! The webinar, entitled “Ecological Law & Governance: Introduction and Overview” took place on February 26, 2019, and featured presentations by Prof. Kinvin Wroth of Vermont Law School, Dr. Geoff Garver of the E4A Law & Governance Research Initiative, Prof. Kirsten Anker of the McGill Law Faculty, Prof. Hillary Hoffman of Vermont Law School and Prof. Klaus Bossellmann of Aucklund University.

4:15 – Kinvin Wroth
19:00 – Geoff Garver
45:40 – Kirsten Anker
1:14:15 – Hillary Hoffmann
1:18:20 – Klaus Bosselmann

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