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National Energy Board: Consider ALL GHG Emissions! (by Daniel Horen Greenford)

The National Energy Board asked for comments on possible changes to environmental assessment for Energy East. I wrote this letter to urge them to widen their scope of climate impact assessment of the Energy East pipeline. They are considering including the changes in emissions in Canada, upstream from increase […]

Stopping climate injustice (by Sam Bliss)

Your body makes itself from the matter around you. What you eat, drink, inhale, touch, and experience literally becomes you. You are your environment, and it is you. Releasing toxic substances into the environment means injecting them into bodies, human and non-human. The climate system connects everyone’s environments. […]

Water for Sale – by Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and E4A Advisory Board member, recently published an important booklet that exposes how Canada’s trade agreements put one of Canada’s natural treasures – its vast water resources – at great risk. Water for Sale: How Free Trade and Investment Agreements […]

Climate Justice in the Anthropocene

Starting May 30th, for 2 weeks, E4A graduate students will be participating in this year’s Field Course focusing on Climate Justice. Click here for syllabus. This course is an exploration of climate justice definitions, theory, case studies, and policy implications, organized around field visits and interviews with practitioners […]