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The Vermont premiere of Waking the Sleeping Giant: the making of a political revolution

Waking the Sleeping Giant is a feature documentary at the crossroads of the 2016 election and the fight for civil rights, economic fairness & democracy for all. From the campaign trail with Senator Bernie Sanders to a local political race in the failing economy of rural West Virginia. […]

Trump Budget Could Be a Climate Cooker

A new white paper estimates the climate impacts of the budget request President Trump is expected to make on Tuesday, May 23. A team of E4A University of Vermont graduate students looked at the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that result from federal spending – a modest but important […]

Envisioning Good Anthropocenes and Growing Seeds of a Better Future (By Anna Kusmer)

We are in the Anthropocene, which is a time of unprecedented challenges and change for both humans and the earth. So, what does the future look like in the Anthropocene?  For many, the future in the Anthropocene is negative, maybe even dystopic. But can the future in the […]

Have a look at what our members are publishing!

We work hard to articulate the challenge of the human-Earth relationship and propose a new path forward. Here is a selection of publications and interviews by students and faculty. 2023 Johanna Bozuwa, Matthew Burke, Stan Cox, Carla Santos Skandier, Chapter 8 – Democratic governance of fossil fuel decline, […]