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Free Online Conference May 3, 2017!!!!! “Frontiers of Ecological Economics”

Dear E4Aers and friends,   The third cohort from E4A plus other UVM Gund Institute graduate students are hosting a one-day online conference on Wednesday, May 3rd on “Frontiers of Ecological Economics.” Students have developed fifty-minute sessions containing three to four ten-minute presentations based on bibliographical research conducted […]

Georgescu-Roegen: The Genius Pessimist and the Philosopher of Process (by Martin Sers)

Georgescu-Roegen: A complex individual It is difficult to do justice to a figure like Georgescu-Roegen, as his legacy is both profound and complicated, and his scholarly work arcane and difficult. Georgescu-Roegen is famously remembered as the entropy-pessimist, a scholar, who in attempting to reimagine economics from a physical […]

Université Laval to Divest from Fossil Fuel…and why McGill should follow (by Aurélie-Zia Gakwaya & Emery Hartley)

  On February 15th, Laval University made history by becoming the first university in Canada to commit to divest from all fossil fuel companies. Laval University’s administration agreed to take a stand against the industry after only four months of pressure from the student association ULaval Sans Fossiles. […]

Karl Marx: The Activist Economist (by Daniel Horen Greenford)

“Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.” (Marx 1845, Thesis 11, pg.8)   Marx practiced what he preached. His aim was to provide the tools for a revolution he saw as inevitable. Although he came from a middle class background, […]