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Thanksgiving 2016 was a day to remember that Water is Life (by Svenja Telle)

The traditional way to celebrate Thanksgiving might have felt out of place this year, in the midst of such lament and fear in the world. Especially with the recent presidential elections in the United States, the next four years will be an uphill battle for justice-seekers and environmentalists. […]

Everything Goes Up But Pay (by Alia Karim)

For over 12 years, Erendira Keriti has earned poverty wages that have left her scrambling to afford rent and basic necessities in Toronto’s Bloor West Village. She’s not an exception: the number of low-wage jobs (defined as having an hourly rate within four dollars of the minimum wage) […]

The Watershed: Activism in Art (by Laura Gilbert)

I had the pleasure of watching The Watershed at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal last Friday (it runs until December 4 by the way). Some of my friends in the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) master program (that I completed last April) had told me about it just […]

The Time for a New Economics is Now! (by Joe Ament)

In the days since Donald Trump was elected President, opinion pieces have become ubiquitous. Race and economics have taken center stage—as they should—but what is missing is a paradigm-transcending discussion of the type of economics that is needed in the twenty-first century. ‘Make America Great Again’ means resource […]