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E4A Ethics and Cosmology Seminar 2017: Talk with Ursula Goodenough

As part of the E4A Ethics Seminar Course, Ursula Goodenough, a proponent of Religious Naturalism, gave a guest lecture. Here is the recording of that talk and the Q and A session that followed.

GradLife Best Moments: The Lab Retreat (by Alice Damiano)

I don’t know who invented them, but lab retreats are awesome. This month my research group had its annual Winter retreat at McGill’s Gault Nature Reserve, I absolutely loved it, and I think these retreats will be some of the warmest memories of my years as a graduate student. To me, the term lab retreat means […]

Most U.S. States Face ‘Progress Recession’ (by Mairi-Jane Fox & Jon Erickson)

First 50-state ‘GPI’ study helps redefine economic success There’s an old adage in business that says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  This philosophy guides a growing number of economic studies in the U.S. that move beyond narrow notions of economic success, to broader and more nuanced […]

E4A’s Alice Damiano’s thoughts on why a graduate student should consider 3MT/MT180

It’s January, and this means several things: The weather is cold, the Montreal Island is covered in snow and ice, the Winter term has begun… and it’s Three Minute Thesis/Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes time! As it is explained here and here, Three Minute Thesis/Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes (3MT/MT180) is a competition in which […]