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Political risks in an age of limits (by Tim Crownshaw)

For anyone who has spent much time around E4A students and faculty, or attended the same events we do, it’s no secret that ecological economics and its wider academic and social milieu leans toward the leftward end of the political spectrum. As such, we tend to enthusiastically embrace […]

Symposium in honour of Dr. Peter Victor

To mark the occasion of Dr. Peter Victor’s retirement from York University, and to recognize his many professional and academic contributions, CANSEE and York University organized a one-day symposium in Peter’s honour. You can view all the talks from the panel in the videos here! For an overview […]

Wisdom of the Herd, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth (by Sophie Sanniti)

Read about E4A alum Sophie Sanniti’s experience at the first CANSEE graduate student symposium for emerging and early career Ecological Economics scholars. Please click here for the original post.

Defending degrowth at ecomodernism’s home (by Sam Bliss)

In June, I was invited to speak at the eight annual Breakthrough Dialogue,an annual invite-only conference where accomplished thinkers debate how to achieve prosperity for humans and nature. The Breakthrough Institute, an ecomodernist think-tank, welcomed my presence as a provocateur. I was to participate in a panel called “Decoupling vs. Degrowth”. […]