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Le socialisme de marché : une défense (article de blog écrit par Charles Guay-Boutet)

Le début de la décennie 1980-1990 est marqué par la victoire, au Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis, de partis résolument pro-marchés ou dits «néolibéraux», marquant ainsi un net recul de la gauche traditionnelle[1]. C’est dans ce contexte qu’un certain nombre de théoriciens de gauche ont essayé de réactualiser un […]

Learning to get Comfortable with Uncomfortable Subjects: Why We Need to Talk to People with Radically Different Views from Our Own (L Gilbert & M Richard)

During the Cohort 3 field course on climate justice (Toronto, May-June 2017, organized by York University) a question was circulated among participants: Can you tell me about an encounter you had with someone who had a very different opinion on climate change or other social issues, and how you reacted […]

The Age of Consequences, a film review by Sophia Sanniti [Written and Directed by Jared P. Scott]

In The Age of Consequences, “the only border which is real is the atmosphere. Everything else is permeable.” – Radm. David Titley, United States Navy As a student partner of the graduate training program Economics for the Anthropocene, I’ve struggled with how best to articulate the knowledge I’ve […]

Call for Research Proposals: Ecological Economics, Climate Justice, and Commons Governance

York University in Toronto, Canada, with funding from the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships Advanced Scholars Program (QES-AS), is pleased to offer funding opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers working internationally on topics related to ecological economics, commons governance, and climate justice.   This funding will support […]