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Depower ; Decolonize

 WE ARE ALL AWAKE; WE JUST DO NOT KNOW IT   The vitality and simplicity of these words, expressed by Professor Manulani-Aluli Meyer at the first Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences conference (late April 2016), re-ignited a passionate call for revolution. At the evening keynote address, the audience was […]

The economic case for divestment – Commentary by Jon Erickson

The environment and economy are so often seen in conflict, that it may be shocking for many to learn that on divestment, our ecological and economic bottom lines are in full alignment. Coal becomes a worse investment every day. Read More!

Climate Warnings: A Simple Sticker with the Potential for Global Impact

This week Sophia Sanniti had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Shirkey, founder of the non-profit organization Our Horizon to discuss their efforts in climate change awareness. In an unprecedented, qualitative messaging strategy that can reach the public on a global scale, Our Horizon proposes climate change […]