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Is there a right age to save the world? (by Alice Damiano)

A few months ago I wondered if there is a right age to be a graduate student. However, as my fellow blogger Sophie reminds us here and here, each of us is more than a student, and there are other things in our lives beside being a student here and now: Family, friends, sports, art, […]

Food Leader: Alum Joins The Nature Conservancy

Recent grad’s tips for students, and why the future is in good hands Michael Wironen has joined one of the world’s largest conservation organizations, but not before giving Vermont leaders some serious food for thought. As a UVM PhD student, the Gund Graduate Fellow gave the state’s phosphorus […]

Lessons from the Fight for $15 and Fairness in Ontario (by Alia Karim)

Workers in the Global North have experienced decades of austerity measures designed to promote “flexibility” in the job market, privatization, and competition. As corporate profits continue to break records, the majority of workers have seen their wages stagnate. In Ontario, over 1.7 million workers earn less than $15 […]

Going Plastic-free is Self-Care (by Shaun Sellers)

With the release of the IPCC report and the Nobel-adjacent prize in economics going to a green growth economist, its been a regular-style dark month for ecological economists. The IPCC report was not nearly as annoying as the Nobel-ish prize, mostly because what was in the IPCC report […]