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How would a credit union reduce its environmental impact? (by Caleb Gingrich Regehr)

This is the question I’d get most often from my friends and family when I told them the internship for the Economics for the Anthropocene project was with my local credit union. Anecdotally, it seems like the idea that service industries are virtually free of ecological impacts is […]

Food and Land Distribution in Parkdale, Toronto: An E4A Internship with the Parkdale Community Food Hub (by Molly Fremes)

Working with the Parkdale Community Food Hub (PCFH) was the perfect E4A internship for a super-nerd with a passion for political agroecology and ecological economics (read: me). South Parkdale’s food access challenges are a microcosm of the failures of the Canadian food system. This system, both shaped by […]

A continuing journey from engineering to relationships (by Caleb Gingrich Regehr)

“There are big problems in the world. I excel at science and math. Engineers solve problems.” These three ideas determined my choice of undergrad program. I was going to learn what I needed to use technology to solve climate change and poverty. In my words of the time, […]