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Selected E4A & L4E events:

Economics for the Anthropocene:  Graduate Research Symposium

The E4A Graduate Student Research Symposium took place Saturday, October 13th, 2018, at UVM, in Burlington, Vermont. The symposium was an outgrowth of the E4A partnership supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, McGill University, York University, the University of Vermont, and over 20 institutional partners and 80 individual collaborators from around the world. Presentation topics included research on the energy-economy interface, human values in human-Earth bonds, food systems transitions, resilience in watershed communities, and socio-economic reform of economic institutions. Short, high-level presentations were organized into five one-hour sessions, and written questions were addressed to our presenters via an online chat window throughout each session.  The symposium was broadcasted live via Zoom as well.

Liberty & Agency in the Anthropocene

The E4A Ethics Group hosted a symposium on Liberty and Agency in the Anthropocene, on November 12th-13th, 2018, at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.  This symposium brought together a diversity of voices to provide an authoritative and deeply critical examination of the concept liberty as it relates to environmental politics and ethics over the longue durée. Contributions explored this topic from a variety of directions to shed light on: (1) wicked dilemmas and tensions of liberty in the Anthropocene; (2) the relation between current conceptions of liberty, agency and environmental politics; (3) ethical or normative [re]visions of liberty; and (4) potential prefigurative strategies, conceptions, or configurations of liberty, agency, and ontology to facilitate alternative modernities and more ecologically benign ways of living on the Earth.