Knowledge: Governance Structures & Science

Our work helps address issues pertaining to two separate but interrelated aspects of the science/governance complex, i.e. 1) the ways in which science informs policymaking, and; 2) the governance and planning of scientific research.

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How can you make a difference?

  • Participate in citizen science
  • Support open source and peer produced knowledge by …
  • Join a watchdog commission

Policy Suggestions

Local and MunicipalFederal & Provincial/State
Incentivise corporate investment into community ‘science centres’Rely on research where funding doesn’t represent a very obvious conflict of interest or fund non-biased research centres to inform and create policy
Requiring scientists to serve as consultants in legislation — Universities need to see legal/political service as equal or more to publication recordFormation of an independant, government watchdog commission that audits scientific research informing policy in order to help policymakers identify and understand research bias.
Publically funded institutes that watch the policy and communicate that to citizens Adoption of a public dialogue and participation model in the spirit of the UK’s Responsible Research and Innovation initiative
Regulatory capture
Fund and promote government-funded citizen science programs (e.g. the RRI)
Create space for Indigenous/local knowledge governance + participation

Allies, Related Resources, and E4A Publications

Change in Action

While not all of these projects direction involve E4A, they are great examples of diverse examples of socio-ecological change in action.

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