Life: Housing, Transportation, & Construction

Infrastructure supports our daily life. Justice in infrastructure planning will include access to good transportation, suitable housing, and sustainable construction practices. We also include comments regarding the military in this section.

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How can you make a difference?

  • Explore alternative transportation methods such as car sharing, biking, telecommuting, and public transportation
  • Join community groups focused on protecting wildlife and resources
  • Shrink your lawn

Policy Suggestions

Local and MunicipalFederal & Provincial/State
Enforce rental restrictions including rent capping and rules protecting rentersEncourage of non-car transportation, from biking to public transport (this can also go in state/provincial/federal)
Plan and build pedestrian streets in the core of communities and citiesSignificantly shrink the military budget while instituting mandatory national service in which military is one option of many
Ban watering lawns, bottled water extraction, and water softeners to save natural water systems
Create no mow zones
Install motion lights so as not to disrupt animals at night
Eliminate single-family-only zoning, which contributes to sprawl, automobile dependence and racial segregation.

Allies, Related Resources, and E4A Publications

Change in Action

While not all of these projects direction involve E4A, they are great examples of diverse examples of socio-ecological change in action.

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