From The Anthropocene to the Ecozoic: Envisioning a Path Forward

The purpose of the symposium is to take stock of where we are and where we should be headed; to begin imagining a new future that can come out of the excellent research by E4A students. The field of ecological macro-economics is new, this symposium represents a unique opportunity for defining what the research agenda for such a field might be. Students and researchers should think beyond what we know now, and instead focus on what we want the world to look like and the kinds of research that can get us there. We encourage broad and imaginative approaches to EME by reminding those in attendance that this kind of economic theory doesn’t stop at the traditional boundaries of an economic discipline. Rather, EME research should also include investigations of issues surrounding social justice, political and social allies and partnerships, opportunities and barriers for implementing what we know in the Ecozoic, frameworks for new economies, and broad philosophical questions.

Your abstract should celebrate your work! Highlight the really interesting things you’ve uncovered and allow time to speculate on imaginative uses to apply to the overall symposium topic.

Your abstract should showcase the work you have done and/or go further into exploring how your work and interests apply to macro-economics for the Ecozoic – that is future oriented social, political, ontological, philosophical and/or economic research and ideas that enhance human-nature relationships.