Overall description

e4a_at Choiniere FarmJosh course

E4A   applies a combination of classroom and on-the-ground learning to the three university sites. Joint theory courses are held in web-enabled classrooms. Joint field courses include non-academic partners and provide hands-on experience in transdisciplinary problems and the associated ecological, social and economic dimensions.

Students are integrated into a growing network of expertise and knowledge mobilization, through:

1) Curricula grounded in Ecological Economics

  • From the ‘Big Bang’ to the Anthropocene (1stterm)
  • Fundamentals of Ecological Economics and Finance (2ndterm)
  • Analytical Methods of Ecological Economics (2ndterm)
  • One of the following to be developed and led by the students: Law & Governance for the Anthropocene, Economics & Finance for the Anthropocene, Philosophy & Ethics for the Anthropocene (3rdterm)
  • Field course focussed on a research theme (water, energy or climate justice)

2) Internships with non-academic partners to apply Ecological Economics methods and concepts to real-world issues

3) Access to scholars and experts to help in preparation of research projects, theses and dissertations

4) Engagement in outreach, symposium-planning, community-building and knowledge mobilization

5) Presentation of research, teaching modules, and collaborative synthesis papers

6) Participation in knowledge-sharing at E4A retreats