Phosphorus Surplus Hurts Cleanup Efforts: Vermont (Basil D.N. Waugh)

Vermont farms have built up a massive phosphorus surplus – one that is growing at an estimated 1,500 tons per year – as farmers continue to import large quantities of animal feed and fertilizer, a new University of Vermont study says. The study is the first to estimate […]

Opinion: Steven Pinker’s optimism on climate change is misplaced (by Daniel Horen Greenford and Corey Lesk)

Pinker vs. the climate: climate scientists, Daniel Horen Greenford and Corey Lesk, point out how Steven Pinker’s view on progress undermines climate action. Read the piece published in the Montreal Gazette.

From state to system: Financialization and the water-energy-food-climate nexus (by Jeremy J. Schmidt & Nathanial Matthews)

Since the 2008 financial crisis, one of the most significant shifts in global water governance has been the rise of the water-energy-foodclimate nexus (hereafter: nexus). In 2009, Ban Ki-moon focused attention on the nexus when, as Secretary General of the United Nations, he asked the global financial community […]

An Introduction to Ecological Economics: Biophysical Foundations and the Human Subsystem

The transdisciplinary field of Ecological Economics is not so much a branch of economics as it is an ecological view of the economic system. The basic premise of ecological economics is that the economy-embedded-in-society is a continually evolving physical subsystem of a complex, finite global ecosystem, subject to […]