Why we’re not going to Mars (by Timothy Crownshaw)

There are many misconceptions and popular expectations of science, industry and progress which haunt our cultural consciousness. These often manifest as a relentless anticipation for new human endeavours and technologies, fulfilling a wide range of imagined needs. Each of these is supposedly arriving any day now. At present, […]

Boulding’s Vision Gives Us Hope for the Future !

Because it is a New Year and we are wanting for a little hope and inspiration in an atmosphere of uncertainty and conflict, we post a poem written by Peter A. Victor that was originally published when this eminent Ecological Economist was presented the Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award in 2014. […]

Pollinators, food security and the future of what we eat (by Natalia Britto dos Santos)

During my MSc in Ecology, Conservation and Wildlife Management at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Brazil, I took a course on ecosystem functions and services. During the course, we explored material and non-material benefits we receive from nature every day, most of them for free. […]

A New Year’s Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister (by Svenja Telle)

Dear Mr. Trudeau, This is a love letter to Mother Earth, to the keepers of the fire, and to the next seven generations, yet to join us on this beautiful planet. My words are a pledge to nature, expressing my sorrow regarding your approval of the two major […]