To grow or not to grow…

… that is the question for Puerto Rico’s economy. Puerto Rican Maria A. Juncos-Gautier is currently an E4A PhD student at York University. She is interested in ecological economics, system thinking and urban sustainability. Her recommendation to solve Puerto Rico’s economic crisis is to focus on degrowth and a […]

Seeking Ecological Energy Projects !

One of E4A’s PhD students, Matt Burke, presented a component of his research plan at the E4A Annual Partnership Meeting on May 27, 2016, the anniversary of Rachel Carson’s birthday (1907). Energy was the focus of this year’s intensive field course where students interacted with academics, civil servants, […]

Depower ; Decolonize

 WE ARE ALL AWAKE; WE JUST DO NOT KNOW IT   The vitality and simplicity of these words, expressed by Professor Manulani-Aluli Meyer at the first Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences conference (late April 2016), re-ignited a passionate call for revolution. At the evening keynote address, the audience was […]

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Sugar maple trees you need to plant to offset your carbon emissions