Haida Gwaii: reckoning with the past and striving for a better future

As I was waiting to embark on a boat tour to Gwaii Haanas, the national park protecting over half of Haida Gwaii, a raven circled overhead, chattering down at me and my fellow passengers. The Haida guide helping us onto the boat looked up at the bird, laughed […]

New Zealand’s Water Governance Experiment

New Zealand is known internationally for its clean and green image, attracting visitors from around the globe to experience its natural treasures. Meanwhile, New Zealand is known on the world market for its agricultural exports, particularly milk, beef, lamb and wool. In the last few decades the country […]

The Anthropocene: What is it good for?

This month marks seventy-one years since the U.S. Army, under the direction of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, detonated the first nuclear bomb in the desert at Trinity Site near what is now Alamogordo, New Mexico. The date of July 16, 1945 may ultimately serve as the ‘golden spike’ or […]

No lattes in a drought…

I’ve been spending time this summer getting to know some of Vermont’s many, many dairy farmers. This exploratory research is an early component of my dissertation research, which looks at how dairy farms vary in their demand for off-farm inputs and how this in turn impacts their impact […]