E4A seeks PhD students for cohort 4!

The Economics for the Anthropocene project currently seeks PhD students for a fourth cohort to begin Fall 2017! Location: The Gund Institute at the University of Vermont (UVM) in Burlington, Vermont, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and York University in Toronto, Ontario. The Offer: Up to 3 PhD students at each university will take […]

Eating our hearts out (by Caitlin Morgan)

It was in Cloyne that I learned how to eat. Cloyne, the rambling, century-old, hotel-turned-co-op. Nearly 150 of us roamed its red-carpeted hallways during our time as students on the UC Berkeley campus. Reggae wafted from the windows down to the courtyard, where college kids were drinking 40s […]

Correcting the myopia of Canadian climate policy (by Daniel Horen Greenford)

As the second year of the Trudeau administration gets underway, Canadians must pause to reflect on their progress by weighing actions against promises. Recently, I met with Minister of Transport Marc Garneau along with two other Canadian youth concerned with the direction of our nation on energy and […]

Great Lakes Governance: Valuation of our Responsibility (by James Arruda)

It was most definitely my E4A cohort on water that helped me understand water and land as commons. Commons once seemed like an unsustainable construction when faced with the way we engage in North America; nowadays, I realize that it is the opposite. Our present economic system persistently […]