No lattes in a drought…

I’ve been spending time this summer getting to know some of Vermont’s many, many dairy farmers. This exploratory research is an early component of my dissertation research, which looks at how dairy farms vary in their demand for off-farm inputs and how this in turn impacts their impact […]

J Erickson leads climate action research as Steven Rubenstein Professor!

Jon Erickson, E4A director at UVM, is named Steven Rubenstein Professor for Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. The three-year appointment beginning Sept 1, 2016 will help him continue his research on the economics of climate change policy and the advancement of Vermont’s commitment to a […]

$15 and Fairness on a finite planet

E4A York student, Alia Karim, argues for decent minimum wage, healthy communities and a healthy environment. Alia is currently a member of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Accessibility, Community and Equity student group, as well as the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign at York. To learn more […]

E4A Student Interns with David Suzuki Foundation…

Jen Gobby, an E4A PhD student helped draft a report that gave voice to coastal British Columbians, making the case that environmental rights should be considered the foundation of human rights. From the acknowledgment page: “Jen Gobby dedicated hundreds of hours of extensive work transcribing interviews, organizing them into themes and conducting […]