$15 and Fairness on a finite planet

E4A York student, Alia Karim, argues for decent minimum wage, healthy communities and a healthy environment. Alia is currently a member of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Accessibility, Community and Equity student group, as well as the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign at York. To learn more […]

E4A Student Interns with David Suzuki Foundation…

Jen Gobby, an E4A PhD student helped draft a report that gave voice to coastal British Columbians, making the case that environmental rights should be considered the foundation of human rights. From the acknowledgment page: “Jen Gobby dedicated hundreds of hours of extensive work transcribing interviews, organizing them into themes and conducting […]

M Wironen wins Switzer Environmental Fellowship!

Michael Wironen, E4A PhD student at UVM, received a Switzer Fellowship to support his studies at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Wironen’s $15,000 award from the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation is one of twenty given out in 2016 to highly talented graduate students in New England and […]

To grow or not to grow…

… that is the question for Puerto Rico’s economy. Puerto Rican Maria A. Juncos-Gautier is currently an E4A PhD student at York University. She is interested in ecological economics, system thinking and urban sustainability. Her recommendation to solve Puerto Rico’s economic crisis is to focus on degrowth and a […]