E4A at the People’s Climate March in New York – a personal account

By Jen Gobby. Last weekend I left my familiar habitat of the libraries and classrooms of McGill University and I boarded the Greyhound to New York City. There I participated in the largest Climate March in history. I and some 400, 000 other people walked together to express […]

Networking with researchers

Our partnership of 25 local and international academic institutions, researchers, government agencies and civil society groups forms a regional hub of expertise and excellence in Ecological Economics and related fields working on issues at local and global scales. Each year E4A accepts a new cohort of students that […]

Solving real-world problems

E4A conducts problem-based, participatory research that combines academic and non-academic partner knowledge with student training to create solutions to real-world challenges. The partnership generates theses and dissertations, journal articles, policy papers, editorials and other communications demonstrating the application of an Ecological Economics approach to social and ecological challenges.

Reconciling disciplines

The partnership aims to integrate the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities by producing improved curricula, teaching materials and research plans through the application of Ecological Economics to the disciplines of Economics and Finance, Law and Governance, and Ethics. Student-led seminars focus on these themes. In addition, three Research […]