Taking Sides, Facts Be Damned: On the importance of relational quality for cognitive clarity (by John Adams)

(This blog post is adapted from a presentation given at the May 2018 Economics for the Ecozoic symposium and the July 2018 CANSEE Grad Student Research Symposium.) Upton Sinclair, the famous “muckraker” of the gilded age, used to say, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his […]

First offering of Agroecology Graduate Certificate Introductory Course (by Ernesto Mendez)

The E4A Food Justice cohort attended this course as their field course requirement.    The ALC team recently concluded the first offering of PSS 311: Introduction to Agroecology, the first course of our Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology (CGSA). We had a great crew of 11 participants, from the […]

We Need an Inclusive Ecological Economics (by Courtney Hammond Wagner & Caitlin Morgan)

Attending the Research Agenda for Ecological Economics workshop this week has underscored some ideas that have been developing for us over the past months and years. We would like to spark a conversation about group dynamics that manifest even here in our progressive community. For Ecological Economics to […]

Political risks in an age of limits (by Tim Crownshaw)

For anyone who has spent much time around E4A students and faculty, or attended the same events we do, it’s no secret that ecological economics and its wider academic and social milieu leans toward the leftward end of the political spectrum. As such, we tend to enthusiastically embrace […]