Well-Being: Physical & Spiritual Health

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How can you make a difference?

  • Go outdoors as often as possible, daily if possible. Get some fresh air, sunshine, listen to the rain, watch snowflakes fall. Go for a walk, or just stay still, whatever works better for you. Begin to develop and deepen right relationship to the land where you live ~ begin by learning about the pre-settler colonialism history of human-land relations in that place; who were the prior human stewards of the land that nourishes you now? what is your knowledge of and relationship with these people? how do you relate to belonging in time and place?
  • Give yourself opportunities to experience mindfulness practices. They might seem hard at the beginning, just keep trying and keep an open mind.
  • Related to healthy food: what we eat affects us profoundly on all dimensions of existence/ being -> mindful eating: content and process

Policy Suggestions

Local and MunicipalFederal & Provincial/State
Reduction in work week hours; shift culture away from productivismPost-growth measures of well-being and abolish GDP as measure for federal policies; establish Gross National Happiness or some other quality of life and environment well-being indicator, democratically determined

Change in Action

While not all of these projects direction involve E4A, they are great examples of diverse examples of socio-ecological change in action.

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