Work: Production, Labour, & Goods


Individual Action

Craft, crochet, publish, cook, reuse, repair, paint – just make! And teach your children to do the same. Not only will it mean you need to buy less, but making improves self-esteem and long term resilience.

Local/Municipal Policy

Community Sharing and Making – Support investments in community based tools and programs such as 3D printers in libraries, opening a tool library, hosting repair cafe evenings for citizens, and turning wood shops at high schools into maker spaces with broader use.

State/Provincial/Federal Policy

Job GuaranteePublic jobs guarantee for essential services, regenerative agriculture, restoration, and resilience


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Towards Open, Eco-cyclical, and Distributed Production


Mindful Makers Program

Stories of Success


Make it Kitchener ā€“ A local economic development strategy for the City of Kitchener based around making and new forms of work.


Wellington Hall Academy ā€“ A school implementing a maker program as a primary focus of their curriciulum