Field courses

water field course

Water Field Course (May 2015, organized by UVM)

Water quality in the Champlain Basin was the focus of E4A’s first cohort. Learn more
Click for syllabus




Energy Field Course (May 2016, organized by McGill)

Energy in context: From Energy East to a decarbonized North American energy system was the focus of E4A’s second cohort. Course schedule



Climate Justice Field Course (May/June 2017, organized by York)

Local and global climate justice: perspectives from the Lower Great Lakes / Saint Lawrence Watershed. Click for syllabus, course schedule





Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 10.01.16 AMFood Justice Field Course (July/August 2018, organized by UVM)

Exploring the use of participatory action research (PAR) with local Vermont farms. Click for syllabus