Examples of key events that produce stratigraphical signatures that could be used to define the base of the Anthropocene [1]

The Anthropocene: What is it good for?

This month marks seventy-one years since the U.S. Army, under the direction of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, detonated the first nuclear bomb in the desert at Trinity Site near what is now Alamogordo, New Mexico. The date of July 16, 1945 may ultimately serve as the ‘golden spike’ or […]

Compost windrows on a hay field in Franklin County, Vermont

No lattes in a drought…

I’ve been spending time this summer getting to know some of Vermont’s many, many dairy farmers. This exploratory research is an early component of my dissertation research, which looks at how dairy farms vary in their demand for off-farm inputs and how this in turn impacts their impact […]

Alia's article June 2016

$15 and Fairness on a finite planet

E4A York student, Alia Karim, argues for decent minimum wage, healthy communities and a healthy environment. Alia is currently a member of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Accessibility, Community and Equity student group, as well as the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign at York. To learn more […]

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