Climate Justice in the Anthropocene

Starting May 30th, for 2 weeks, E4A graduate students will be participating in this year’s Field Course focusing on Climate Justice. Click here for syllabus. This course is an exploration of climate justice definitions, theory, case studies, and policy implications, organized around field visits and interviews with practitioners involved in various aspects of fossil fuel finance/processing/transport/policy, migrant resettlement, and climate justice activism. This course includes learning modules and activities including Readings and Discussion, Research/Writing, Field Trips and Skills Development. The final product will be a book that focuses on local and global climate justice issues highlighting differential impacts of climate change today, in North America, as well as the global implications of actions North Americans take. The book will help make climate justice understandable and manageable for the lay reader, to help address the fear and helplessness many of us feel when we consider this topic.

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