An Introduction to Ecological Economics: Biophysical Foundations and the Human Subsystem

The transdisciplinary field of Ecological Economics is not so much a branch of economics as it is an ecological view of the economic system. The basic premise of ecological economics is that the economy-embedded-in-society is a continually evolving physical subsystem of a complex, finite global ecosystem, subject to […]

Good climate policy is incompatible with expanding fossil fuel extraction (by Damon Matthews & Daniel Horen Greenford)

The budget Canadians need to be talking about. Imagine for a moment a world where environmental crises are given the attention that they require. Imagine a country that actually prioritizes environmental sustainability and social justice as prerequisites to a healthy economy. Imagine that our annual fiscal budget update […]

When newspapers talk about your field… and confirm your worries (by Alice Damiano)

Being a fellow of the Economics for the Anthropocene project, I spend a lot of time reading and reflecting on the Anthropocene, i.e. the current epoch in which human activities are significantly impacting the environment (see, for example, here). I think about this most of the time, both as a graduate student, and as […]

The fantasy world of Planet Earth II (by Sam Bliss)

Last night I watched the “Jungles” episode of Planet Earth II with my brother. This is the award-winning 2016 follow-up to the award-winning British nature documentary Planet Earth, from a decade earlier. Before I criticize the show harshly, I want to make clear that I loved watching it. […]